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Lexus LS – The Flagship reimagined

The first generation of the Lexus LS model, the Japanese manufacturer’s flagship full-size sedan, made its debut in 1989 as the company’s launch vehicle...


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I Heart You – The Shape Of Love

The heart-shaped design is making a comeback in women’s bags and accessories due to its cute and whimsical looks. Capturing that youthful vibe, they make great holiday gifts!



The Gift of Balsamic Vinegar

Long used as a delicious additive to drizzle over your veggies, fruits, meats or cheese, balsamic vinegar has a long and storied history, hailing from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy
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Milano Coffee – West Coast Heart

Vancouver is considered one of the best places to live in the world. It is to no surprise that it is also the home of Milano Coffee, furthering the proof…



The Ultimate Fall destination Guide

For those of you lamenting the end of summer, never fear.. Autumn has some awesome treats in store for us. Be it Europe or Asia, cities or the countryside, we’ve…
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Hotel Zed Tofino

Retro-Chic..perfected! If you’ve never been to Vancouver Island then you’re missing out… on a lot. Referred to by its residents as “Canada’s best kept secret”, Vancouver Island is quite possibly…