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Electric Pony

Bob Marley famously once said “ In this bright future, you can’t forget your past”. I'm pretty sure that some of Ford’s designers must be fans of the legendary reggae…



Oud: The Fragrance of Royalty

Whether you are out at a fancy restaurant or in the gym, it seems like the scent of Oud has found itself applications for special occasions as well as routine…
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Cryptocurrencies – To The Moon!

The rise of cryptocurrency is this year’s biggest newsmaker so far. But will it shoot for the moon, or take a spectacular plunge?
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In The Spotlight – Kelli Richards

Native of Oshawa, Ontario, Kelli Richards knew of her calling as an interior designer from a very young age. Emboldened by her passion, she made the daring move to open…



Show me the money… Cheese!

Parmigiano-Reggiano, also known as Parmesan to us folks in North America is treated not only as a delicious accompaniment to your pasta, but also as a form of currency with…
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Luxury Afloat

If staying at one of the swankiest brands in the hotel business worldwide wasn’t enough, how about choosing to travel aboard one of their yachts, replete with an attentive staff…


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Hotel Zed Tofino

Retro-Chic..perfected! If you’ve never been to Vancouver Island then you’re missing out… on a lot. Referred to by its residents as “Canada’s best kept secret”, Vancouver Island is quite possibly…

Post pandemic travel

Travelling.. off the beaten path If there’s one thing that the pandemic has caused, apart from the additional quarantine pounds adorning most of our midsections, it has been an increasing…
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Explore Costa Rica

Costa Rica, its a travelers escape located in the waistline of the American continent known as Central America. Land that is zigzagged by volcanic mountain ranges, dense rainforests, and veins…