Welcome the Beginning of a New Design Era

The INFINITI QX Monograph represents more than just another concept vehicle–it represents INFINITI’s groundbreaking future design vision. Boasting beautiful proportions that fuse power with elegance for an eye-catching minimalist yet evocative design that draws eyes, this meticulously handcrafted car represents INFINITI’s next bold step forward in their design evolution journey.

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Exquisite Craftsmanship With Japanese Taste

Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President for Global Design of INFINITI, describes their design approach as creating an art piece. The QX Monograph stands as testament to this: an exquisite masterpiece which seamlessly merges INFINITI craftsmanship with Japanese aesthetic. What sets it apart further? A groundbreaking lighting system. By decoupling main headlight assembly from daytime running lights (kabuku concept). Meanwhile, as though painting the very essence of motion and energy with bright three dimensional INFINITI emblem–now illuminates brightly–guiding it toward endless potential.

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Vivid Details and "Akane"

At every detail on the QX Monograph is an ode to brilliance. At its rear, its taillights’ smoked finish illuminate a deep shade of red that mirrors light reflecting from water’s surface, creating an elegant reflection effect. But perhaps its most breathtaking detail lies within its paint finish – named “Akane,” its six layer paintwork captures sunset in all its serenity while giving off mysterious night time vibes; reacting dynamically with surrounding elements for an aesthetic of light and shadow that stands apart.

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The INFINITI QX Monograph Concept stands as an unmistakable testament of design at its finest. More than just a vehicle, this visionary creation by INFINITI showcases their bold ideas about what’s to come for luxury vehicle ownership in the near future – so hold tight; INFINITI is on their way towards revolution and excitement with their QX Monograph! So buckle up, because INFINITI is leading us all towards exciting innovations for years to come!

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