Hurray, a new decade has started! For many people, this is an opportunity to push that big reset button and introduce a healthier routine into their daily life. Whether it’s for losing weight, cutting out bad eating habits, or simply becoming more active, it is critical to first understand the importance of proper nutrition and exercising in a smart way. Ultimately, the objective is to achieve better physical fitness. With this in mind, let’s explore ways to getting fit for 2020!

What are fad diets?

Fad diet?

A fad diet is a diet that becomes popular despite it not being thoroughly studied or recommended by any health professionals. They can use many methods such as restricting intake of certain types of foods, or using so-called “detox” formulas sold in packages and bottles. Some are even trademarked and endorsed by celebrities. But one thing in common is that they all promise rapid weight loss, muscle gains or health improvements with minimal effort. These practices might not only be unsuitable for some people, but even be dangerous if improperly managed. It is therefore recommended to consult a dietician before starting any diet plans. 

What about fasting?

If the objective is weight loss, fasting will produce short-term results quickly. For example, if normal activity is maintained while replacing full meals with just an apple, energy intake is greatly reduced and weight loss is achieved. However, the human body doesn’t function on simple energy addition and subtraction. As it enters hunger mode, its metabolism will slow down and energy expenditure will then diminish to avoid overruns. In this state, fatigue will set in earlier and normal activity cannot be sustained. Finally, chronic hunger will lead to emotional stress, causing a sudden over-consumption of food while the body is still on a slowed down metabolism. This results in a weight gain that is much faster than before. Conversely, losing weight becomes much more difficult.

It's okay to eat more!

Something all professional athletes have in common is that their metabolism is very fast. Metabolism in very simple terms is the process of conversion of food into energy, muscle, and waste. Therefore, the key to maintaining good health is not necessarily by eating less food, but by eating more of the right foods. Also, splitting three meals a day into six-to-eight smaller meals can help to keep feeling full without overeating.

Find healthy options from local food subscription services, such as Lufa Farms in Montreal, Canada.
Find healthy options from local food subscription services, such as Lufa Farms in Montreal, Canada.

That being said, healthier eating habits are easier to achieve than one thinks! Choosing a quality food delivery service, such as Lufa Farms in Montreal, Canada can be a socially responsible yet convenient option. This particular collective of farmers and food makers delivers food packages to various pick-up points or even directly to a residence in emissions-free vehicles. Good food usually comes with the following three attributes: 

1- Low in “bad” fats (saturated and trans) 

2- Low in calories 

3- Low in glycemic index

Firstly, finding food low in “bad” fats is relatively easy. Replacing brown chicken meat with white meat chicken breast, for example, can add valuable protein while reducing saturated fat intake. Secondly, lowering calorie intake shouldn’t be too difficult either. Simply avoid or limit consumption of high-calorie foods such as sugary drinks, most pizzas, or deep-fried options. Thirdly, find foods with a low glycemic index. This is somehow more complex, but it’s actually just a deeper understanding of ingredient usage and cooking methods. 

unhealthy food
Foods with high calories or high GI value.

Glycemic Index demystified.

According to the Harvard Medical School, the Glycemic Index (GI) is a value assigned to foods based on how slowly or how quickly those foods cause increases in blood glucose levels. In other words, it is a measure related to the time it takes to convert food into simple sugars that enter the bloodstream. This can directly affect the risk for heart diseases and type-2 diabetes. Many factors can increase or decrease the GI value of food. For example, highly processed and starchy foods such as white bread or French fries have high GI value. Another factor that affects GI value is the length of cooking time. For instance, al-dente pasta has a lower GI compared soft-cooked pasta. 

A well-equipped kitchen with quality appliances can greatly help in attaining a healthier lifestyle. Wolf stovetops are known for their ultra-precise temperature control. This ensures the gentlest of simmers to the most powerful meat-searing heat. Matched with a Sub-Zero refrigeration system, not only food can be kept longer and fresher, but also can be prepared in the most optimal conditions. As a plus, any home featuring a Wolf and Sub-Zero custom kitchen appreciates in value much faster and sells much quicker. Just ask the friendly folks at Century 21 Groupe Kafena, a real-estate brokerage firm specialized in high-value properties in Montreal, Canada.

Exercise anywhere.

Physical activity is the final step to staying fit. Most gym memberships now offer various classes ranging from cardio workouts to weight training. But with today’s unpredictable and fast-paced environment, finding time to actually go to the gym became a daunting task.

Peloton Bike and Tread. Credit: Peloton Press Kit
Peloton Bike and Tread. Credit: Peloton Press Kit

Launched from a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, Peloton offers a subscription-based home spinning class that comes with a stationary Bike. The New-York-based fitness company has since expanded into a complete workout solution. In 2018, it introduced the Peloton Tread, a treadmill program similar to its bike program. And to complete the product lineup, the Peloton App was launched to provide access to thousands of workout classes from virtually any device such as a smartphone, a TV, or even just a web browser. An Apple Watch app is also available, tracking heart rate, pace and distance, therefore enhancing the total Peloton experience. 

Peloton App. Credit: Peloton Press Kit
Peloton App. Credit: Peloton Press Kit

A healthy lifestyle is accessible!

Whether it’s due to professional obligations, or simply because watching what we eat and exercising requires tremendous effort, time spent to take care of ourselves is always a great investment. In 2020, a new decade signals a new beginning. With so many products and services easily available at our fingertips, there are really no more excuses to not stay in shape. To this, the BLINKCO Team says good luck and have fun! 

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