A Spectacle of Silent Sailing - The 33M Sunreef Explorer Eco

The world-renowned luxury yacht maker, Sunreef, has recently released plans for a new superyacht that is set to revolutionize the yachting industry. The 108-ft (33-m) solar-powered electric superyacht, named the 33M Sunreef Explorer Eco, is a fully autonomous marvel of maritime design. Sunreef, known for its comfort, stunning aesthetics, ultra-luxurious accommodations, and high-performance crafts, continues to push the boundaries of luxury yachting with this latest model.

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Impeccable Design and Green Power

The 33M Sunreef Explorer Eco is a testament to Sunreef’s innovative approach to yacht design and their commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Constructed from aluminum and advanced composite materials, this electric yacht’s design maximizes space for harnessing solar energy. Integrated solar panels are built into the hulls, superstructure, bimini roof, and the entire full-beam bow terrace, allowing the superyacht’s photovoltaic system to generate up to 50 kWp of clean solar energy.

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Powered for Adventure

This solar electric yacht is not only a spectacle of luxury but also a marvel of engineering. It is powered by two 400-kW electric motors, a 990-kWh battery pack system, and two 300-kW range extenders. The 33M Sunreef Explorer Eco was designed to take you to the most remote cruise grounds in silence. This unique blend of power and silence rewrites the rules of yachting with a bold architecture and a fresh approach to travel.

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Energy Efficiency and Comfort Combined

The 33M Sunreef Explorer Eco enhances efficiency with energy-saving air conditioning and a smart energy recovery system. It also features a rainwater collection system, water-saving traps, watermakers, and an ultra-efficient boiler using heat recovery. These features demonstrate Sunreef’s commitment to sustainable luxury and energy efficiency

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An Unparalleled Living Experience

The interior of the 33M Sunreef Explorer Eco is nothing short of breathtaking. It offers a vast 535 m² of living space that can be customized to include a spa, a library, or a gym. The yacht also provides space for ten guest rooms and seven crew members. The large main suite comes with an outdoor deck area, while the level below features an outdoor pool, bar, and dining area. This epitomizes luxury living at its finest, with no emissions.

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