Meet the new Blinkco.

Blinkco is a multidisciplinary advertising, production and publishing company based in Montreal, Canada. A pioneer of seamless and immersive marketing experiences, campaigns are built around a strong portfolio of brands and personalities, a proprietary data-driven analysis system, and a production team of talented visionaries.

Nowadays, social media marketing relies on much more than simple banner ads and sponsored content. To engage a target audience, successful campaigns avoid blasting ads all over a page, or use paid actors to read scripted faux-testimonials. People like to see content that reflects their values and interests. Blinkco understands people’s aversion to ads, as well as the importance of credible social media content. Through its network of affiliations with local and international names, clients are able to think big and reach far.


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As a one-stop shop agency that unites a highly qualified team of creative leaders, content developers and media crew, Blinkco offers what it calls an “augmented custom marketing package”. With the company’s deep understanding of its affiliates, multiple brands and personalities can therefore be leveraged into a single campaign. This results in a highly engaging and seamless experience towards a target audience, maximizing efficiency and reach.

From video production to social network management, Blinkco possesses the skills and technical know-how to create impactful campaigns no matter the scale of the project. Affiliates are consulted individually for every collaborative effort. The goal is to optimize exposure in a real-life environment.


In June 2019, Century 21 Groupe Kafena entered a fruitful business association with Blinkco. It resulted in two successful cross-platform campaigns, one in which a multi-million dollar value property was sold within two weeks following the launch of the video on their social media platforms.

This was followed by the signing of Windmill Heights in September 2019, releasing a video showcasing all 18 holes of the championship golf course. In addition, Blinkco was tasked to manage all aspects of the club’s social network. The objective of the project was to introduce the historical property to a new generation of golfers.


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From its humble beginnings as an automotive agency in 2017, Blinkco enters the new decade with a new purpose. The identity is that of relatability and continuity. This is reflected in their commitment to create engaging content for their audience, and to foster an environment of growth for both their staff and affiliates. For this reason, a new logo was commissioned to signify this evolution.

New merchandise will soon follow, signaling the beginning of a brand identity that is approachable yet iconic. Keep an eye on the Shop for the launch of wearables and accessories.

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