No other name in the world of bespoke tailored menswear is quite as emblematic as Brioni. From movie stars to politicians, the unmistakable silhouette is both iconic and influential.

Each bespoke Brioni suit is the result of a symbiotic collaboration between the customer, his personal Bespoke tailor, and over 180 artisans at the Brioni Atelier in Penne, Italy. Nothing is compromised in the suit’s creation. From the fabric to the cut, each piece is a journey that takes between six and eight weeks to complete. The result is a unique work of art made to the strict specifications of its owner.

The quintessential cut

Brioni Bespoke 1
Source: Brioni Official Website
A Brioni Bespoke suit is immediately recognizable. It’s in the way it gently drapes on a man’s body, enhancing his natural features. It’s how each fold has a precise purpose without being unruly.

Infinite possibilities

What makes a bespoke suitmaker special is not only in the craftsmanship but also in its depth of possibilities. Brioni offers an exclusive collection of nearly 1,000 different fabrics that include exquisite silks, fine wools, and rare cashmere, all available in endless colors and patterns.

The Bespoke service

Brioni Bespoke 2
Source: Brioni Official Website
Personalized down to the last detail, the Brioni Bespoke service is an otherworldly experience. Customers can choose between a boutique appointment with a brand ambassador, or taking the more discreet route with an at-home service. Available worldwide, Brioni tailors will travel to offer their sartorial expertise to clients at their location of choice.

A gentlemanly affair

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Twenty-seven boutiques located in the most prestigious places around the world serve a class of gentlemen that stands apart in their quest for excellence. Each store is a reflection of the genuine character of Italian warmth and hospitality, making the shopping experience more than just a simple visit – it’s an event to be celebrated in itself.

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