Marie-Chloé Duval is quite possibly one of the most gifted and tireless artists I have had the privilege of meeting. Art to her is not something that is done “on the side” or simply as a hobby or pastime, but is a serious undertaking which occupies every day of her life. Be it her stunning portraits, nature renderings or creative takes on human emotions and life-situations, the New York based artist’s work is sure enthrall your imagination.
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Interestingly, Duval draws on her academic career in criminology. She likes to depict social situations in her art, and it is clear that there is very little limit to her imagination and creativity. She aims to make her audience look inside themselves and question their own social, human situations through her art.
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Among my favorite of her works is a new installation which fills in a patch of nature. Picture this: You’re walking through the woods only to come upon a large painting of a section of the landscape, seamlessly and perfectly filling in everything in your immediate view. This is just an example of Marie’s artwork, which ranges from the fantastical, to the realistic, but always genuine and original.
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