The Bentley Batur Convertible

The Bentley Batur Convertible emerges as a breathtaking testament to bespoke automotive craftsmanship, encapsulating the luxurious and innovative spirit of Bentley’s Mulliner division. As an exclusive coachbuilt vehicle, the Batur is more than just a car, but can be seen as a piece of movable art, combining advanced automotive technology with traditional and meticulous hand-craftsmanship.

Bentley Batur Convertible

What is Coachbuilding?

Coachbuilding involves the hand-making of bespoke vehicle bodies, customizing automobiles to a client’s personal specifications. This artisanal process allows for unique design and fabrication not found in mass-produced vehicles, enabling the creation of distinctively tailored and often a one-off or very limited production of exclusive cars. This old-world craftsmanship is increasingly rare and is valued for its personal touch and the high level of custom detail it affords.

Customizing Bentley's Signature Style

Mulliner, Bentley’s bespoke division, extends its exquisite craftsmanship to Bentley’s standard model lineup, offering extensive customization options. This service allows owners to personalize their vehicles from a selection of premium materials, including fine leathers, rare veneers, and exotic wood finishes, all the way up to designing and building a custom vehicle where all materials are sourced for their superior quality and aesthetic appeal.

Bentley Batur Convertible

The customization possibilities are vast, ranging from interior color palettes and leather finishes to unique wood accents, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Mulliner also embraces sustainability, offering eco-friendly materials like natural fibre composites and low-CO2 leathers, reflecting Bentley’s commitment to luxury without compromising environmental responsibility.

Bentley owners can further tailor their vehicles through bespoke color matching, ensuring their car is uniquely aligned with their personal style. Mulliner combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, making each Bentley not just a luxury vehicle, but a personal statement of elegance and exclusivity.

Bentley Batur Convertible

The Uniqueness of the Bentley Batur Convertible

The Batur Convertible sets itself apart as a symbol of luxury and performance. It is powered by an advanced version of Bentley’s iconic W12 engine, which delivers unprecedented power and torque, offering a driving experience that is as exhilarating as it is smooth. The design of the Batur integrates classic Bentley aesthetics with modern elements, featuring a carbon-fibre accented body and a continuity of line that stretches from the bonnet along the entire length of the vehicle, enhancing its elongated proportions and sophisticated profile.

Bentley Batur Convertible

The Batur also marks a significant point in Bentley’s history, being one of the last models to feature the W12 engine before Bentley transitions to hybrid and electric models. This makes it not just a powerful vehicle performance-wise, but also a collector’s item with historical significance​.

Moreover, the Batur is highly customizable, with options for personalization including sustainable materials like natural fibre composites, low-CO2 leather, and 3D printed 18K gold. Only 18 units of this extraordinary model will be produced, each priced at approximately $2.8 million, reflecting its exclusivity and luxuriousness.

Bentley Batur Convertible

A New Chapter in Automotive Excellence

The Bentley Batur Convertible is more than just a car; it is a masterpiece of automotive design and craftsmanship. Through its blend of traditional coachbuilding techniques and cutting-edge technology, Bentley Mulliner has once again set a new standard in the luxury automotive market. The Batur is not only a celebration of Bentley’s rich heritage but also a forward-looking glimpse into the future of elite, sustainable luxury mobility. This model is a clear demonstration of Bentley’s commitment to innovation, luxury, and the art of the automobile.

Bentley Batur Convertible