Fashion is like a revolving door of trends. Never ceasing to reinvent itself, it often takes old themes or designs and attempts to make them new again by modernizing the silhouette or by introducing new materials. However, not much has changed in women’s tastes for the black and gold. This week, Blinkco explores popular black-gold items that are sure to enhance any woman’s beauty.
Often found in accessories, the color pairing is flawlessly feminine, expressing an aura of mystery with a touch of retro class. It can be fiercely aggressive or laid back with subtle sophistication.

Christian Dior - J’Adior Choker

French designers love the sculpted appearance of a woman’s neckline. This is why Christian Dior created the beautiful J’Adior Choker. The contrasting grosgrain ribbon’s moiré effect and antique-gold finish of the metal give the wearer a rebellious yet refined appearance. We love it paired with a simple white t-shirt or jeans jacket for that rocker-chic look.


One cannot mention vintage elegance without ever introducing Chanel. The French fashion house practically invented the style with the iconic “little black dress” created by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel herself. While they may have many earrings in black and gold, their lambskin and gold weave earrings are a particular hit with the new generation of Chanel fans.

Gucci - Black Resin Crystal Single Hair Clip

We are deeply fond of this hair clip by the famous Florentine brand. Embedded with rhinestones set on a black resin plaque, it exudes innocent girlishness with runway appeal. Sometimes it’s a look so simple even the Italians could not resist trying it for themselves!

Celine - Triomphe Belt

It may have been many years since this belt was first conceived, but the Triomphe Belt remains a fan favorite. The hefty calfskin leather and easily recognizable buckle make it a worthwhile addition to any wardrobe. It is sturdy enough to be worn at the waist but can accessorize a dress as well.
The return of black and gold as a fashion statement comes at a great time of female empowerment without sacrificing feminine appeal. Represented by the sheer boldness of gold contrasting the confident tranquility of black, it is one of the most sought-after looks in recent years. However, we see it as more than a trend – it’s a declaration of success that is here to stay.
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