They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that couldn’t be more true when looking at the new BMW I4’s somewhat controversial design. Carried over from the 4-series coupe is the front-end fascia, with its massive twin kidney grilles which are truly a love it or hate it affair. To my eyes, the I4 is original, makes sense in so many ways apart from just looks and is one heck of an entry into the all-electric sports sedan segment which is getting hotter by the day.


Available in two trims, the I4 can be had as a sensible, every day driver in the eDrive40 variant, with a healthy output of 340 bhp. Don’t let these numbers deceive you though, this car weighs in at 2.1 tons, significantly more than a typical ICE engine powered sports sedan of similar size. The second available variant, the M50 which has a much healthier 544 bhp output, enough to propel the car from 0-100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds! Furthermore, the i50 is replete with M-spec design changes including flared rear wheel arches, air splitters and side mirrors to name a few.
On the inside, the i4 retains its BMW DNA, with a beautifully designed driver-oriented cockpit. A long thin horizontal LCD display makes up the dashboard and center console display.
i4 interior


One thing that strikes me about the i4 is how BMW’s designers chose to go with a more evolutionary rather than revolutionary strategy when penning the car’s shape and dimensions. Compared to the last generation four door 4-series, the i4 still retains some of the previous model’s overall look, with a sporty side profile that isn’t too radical, nor too conservative and sits right in the middle in terms of appeal to either buyer. Those who are looking for an extremely sporty electric 4 door coupe will likely go for the i50 which offers the M-sport package, giving it a more aggressive look. While those preferring something a little more understated will be pleased with the base model’s elegant, somewhat reserved design.
For more more information on pricing and specs in your country, contact your local BMW dealer and book a test drive today! The i4 is sure to impress you.
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