Meet Chanel Coco Crush, where modernity and classic timelessness are brought together in a line of fine jewelry. Launched several years ago, the collection became a runaway hit almost from the start. Today, it is expanded into a collection of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

An Homage To The Past

The last time we visited this brand, we realized the importance of inspiration and iconography. The Coco Crush collection is no exception to this rule as it pays homage to the quilted diamond motif that became synonymous with the Chanel name. The familiar pattern is carved out of precision-cut lines resulting in a modern look, while preserving the elegance of Old-World charm.
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Unique In Character

Designed with purpose, the Coco Crush ring is a versatile piece that is as bold as it is functional. Made with a hollowed edge, it is comfortable enough for daily wear. While yellow and white gold remain an obvious choice, Beige gold is perhaps a more interesting one. A subtle nod to Gabrielle Chanel herself, as beige is her third favorite color, Beige gold is a unique interpretation that enhances femininity without sinking into the overused gaudiness of rose gold.
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Although a single ring is enough to make a statement, the variety of sizes, thickness, and adornments available make it appealing to be worn in layers with other rings. It can also be exchanged as a couple’s ring, or even as a wedding band. In addition, the 2021 Coco Crush collection introduces the Coco Crush Toi et Moi ring, made of two lines (or as Chanel calls it, distinct trajectories) that meet discreetly to form the brand’s famous double-C.
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To Bolder Horizons

Endorsed by a new generation of celebrities and personalities, Chanel is now enjoying a renewed surge in popularity. Needless to say, the Coco Crush collection will only reinforce the brand’s stratospheric status among the greatest fashion houses of modern history.
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