Whenever somebody mentions electric cars to me these days, the first thing that comes to mind is either a Tesla, a BMW i-series or some other small compact ev with economic performance. Never would I have imagined over the past few years that full-size pick-up trucks would soon be available to us environmentally conscientious folk who need the extra room and utility of a truck yet feel to guilty to own one of the gas guzzlers.
Seeing a pick-up truck on the roads normally makes me think “wow this person either really needs this vehicle for his farm, construction work or otherwise to haul around big loads, or that person is being irresponsible by having such an inefficient gas guzzling vehicle.” I guess it’s time for me to adjust my perspective.

One of the best-known pick-up trucks which has been around for decades, the Chevrolet Silverado, is now available as an electric vehicle. Yes you heard that right, the Silverado. All of the utility of a large 4 x 4, huge towing capacity a large bed and none of the guilt that goes with it. It actually should come as no surprise that Chevrolet is doing this. They have already been manufacturing the well known Volt and Bolt compact EV’s for years now.


Space Age Exterior

On the outside, the Silverado looks far more modern than the previous generation model it replaces. Sleek lines, a light bar across the front fascia and a side profile which dare I say, looks appealing signify a completely new way of thinking at Chevy. Sculpted sides and flared wheel arches add to the sporty look, while a two-tone exterior makes it look that much more modern.

On the inside

One of the most striking interior features is the large LCD display which is designed to wrap-around the driver. Gone are analog gauges which the exception of the climate control knobs and buttons. The seats are adorned with stitched leather and the interior looks as luxurious as a German sports sedan.


Built from the groud up on GM’s new “Ultium” platform, the Silverado is not an ICE vehicle adapted for electric use. On the contrary, this was designed to be an EV from the start. It also has some incredibly useful and innovative features such as four wheel steering, standard driver-assist features including pedestrian detection and emergency stopping, as well as optional hands-free driving. And as if the rear bed weren’t large enough for all your hauling needs, the Silverado has a pass-through “mid-gate” which allows the rear seats to fold down to fit in extra long items. As for power, the Silverado is rated up to 660 bhp with a ground scorching 780 lb-ft of torque! These are only a few of the amazing features of this new pick-up truck.

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