At the time of writing, the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has spread to over 180 countries with nearly 300,000 confirmed cases*. Many regions have declared a state of emergency or are enforcing severe lockdowns. The current pandemic effectively slowed society down to a grinding halt. Whether you’re practicing self-quarantine or experiencing work shortage, we understand that staying home can indeed be boring. So what can you do to kill the monotony? Here are our suggestions.

Credit: Carl Heyerdahl | Unsplash
Credit: Carl Heyerdahl | Unsplash

Start spring cleaning early

As the weather warms up, more people will be starting their spring cleaning and home improvement activities in the upcoming weeks. But with limited store opening hours, plus the added risk of viral transmission every time we go out, it’ll take a little more planning. By planning a list of all things to purchase, you can make those trips to the store short and efficient. We recommend to keep work to a bare minimum this year. Remember that there’s always next year.

Keep yourself entertained

As social distancing becomes the norm, people’s Netflix watchlist might be burned through a little quicker than usual. But don’t despair, the video streaming service has announced a slew of great shows and movies for April, including the entire Lethal Weapon series, The Matrix trilogy, the first Despicable Me, and Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. Also, don’t forget to catch the entire Police Academy series before it leaves Netflix for good on April 30.

Credit: freestocks | Unsplash

Visit museums

Say what? You read right. Thanks to Google’s Street View technology, over 2,500 museums can be virtually visited online. Although nothing beats seeing the real things, virtual tours are pretty much the next best thing to break the home-bound routine. Check out the Google Arts & Culture page and start travelling the world again!

Google Arts & Culture.

Launch an online business

It might be hard to conceive this one, especially in tough economic times. But many popular online businesses and blogs are conceived in periods of uncertainty and evolving markets, including the one you’re reading right at this moment.

Born out of the desire to promote elevated experiences, BLINKCO is now a complete marketing agency that features video production, a digital magazine, and social media management for high profile brands and personalities. Whether you are an influencer or an artist, it’s never too late to establish an online presence. Learn some web marketing skills, or let us handle it for you. Either way, you’ll exit this slump in a much better position.

Do more indoors

Though it may seem tempting, sitting around doing nothing is a sure way to destroy morale. Brush up on your cooking skills by learning new recipes, or bake a cake for the whole family to enjoy. Whatever you make, nothing beats the delicious aromas of an active kitchen! And better yet, do it while video chatting with your loved ones or best friends on one of several video conferencing apps available. Exterior human connections are needed to self-motivate and to manage emotions. So make sure you have plenty of that!

Get informed through the WHO

Don’t forget that the World Health Organization has developed a messaging service on WhatsApp to deliver information to people who have questions about COVID-19. If you are on mobile, simply click this link directly to launch your WhatsApp app and send “hi” to the number provided. The service is easy to use and information is up to date.

* Source: World Health Organization – Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation.