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Imagine yourself living in a dream where the only limit is your imagination and your guide is none other than the creative mind behind Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté. Conceived as a touring venue with multiple thematic events, it seeks to redefine human pleasures through the use of technology. And wow, the execution is flawless.

Most entertainment outlets uses a specific medium to solicit emotional experiences for its audience. What PY1 did was turning the audience as the main medium, mingling sights, sounds, technologies, and a cast of interactive characters to achieve a totally immersive adventure that tingles every possible sense of the human body. During the day, the show Through the Echoes is 60-minute production on the exploration of space and time told through a spectacle of dazzling lights, projections, music, and words by the late British-American Zen philosopher, Alan Watts. But for PY1 Nights, the temporary pyramid installation is transformed into one of seven unique adults-only thematic events, as guests are even encouraged to dress up and interact with each other in a carnival of euphoric sensations.

Our experience of Candy World, as part of the PY Nights program, was nothing short of breathtaking. From the entrance to the tunnel that takes us into the main pyramid, we are treated to a myriad of neon lights, costumed characters, and a chill ambient beat that only beckoned us to wonder what’s next. Once inside, lounge seating encircles a large dance floor that is quickly filled with eager guests and the event’s cast of pastel and neon-shaded hosts. Billed as a nightlife experience redefined, it is truly an all-encompassing gathering of people from all walks of life with the common desire to step out of reality and into a fantasy-like world that can only be described as outrageously magical. With three-dimensional projections, an array of moving lights, lasers and smoke, and an amazing center ceiling mobile structure, we are taken away to a universe of ethereal sounds and entranced bodies moving in rhythmic symbiosis. Unlike any other nightclub experience, the main feature is not below eye level but rather above us and music is not blasted at ear-popping decibels. It invites guests to look upwards and at each other, truly making this a one-of-a-kind social event that is sure to create new connections.

The venue attracts thousands of visitors every day, with PY1 Nights events selling out quickly to satiate a public yearning for something new to do. Born out of the vision of an internationally renowned team at Lune Rouge Entertainment spearheaded by Guy Laliberté (who sold his controlling stake in Cirque du Soleil in 2015), and backed by solid sponsors such as Telus and Accenture with a slew of high profile partners and collaborators, PY1 is a project of undeniable quality that will surely stand the test of time and rewrite the history books of successful entertainment ventures.

Don’t miss out TONIGHT’s PY1 Nights event, the Grand Prix Edition of Eye Wonder, the signature world by Guy Laliberté and Gabriel Coutu Dumont, setting you in a voyage through space, time and matter. Buy your tickets HERE before they run out!

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