As more people become aware of the environmental effects caused by fossil fuels, the demand for alternatively-powered cars has never been stronger. In fact, the high-end segment has been warming up to the idea of upscale electric cars in part due to Tesla’s initiative many years ago. The Audi e-tron crowded up the market a little more as an electrified luxury crossover that turns heads and gets conversations going.

Technology meets practicality in beautiful harmony.

From off the beaten path to city lights, it's a sight to see.

Fast charging on both sides. Charge to 80 percent in as little as 30 minutes.

Storage space like a regular car. Without the fuel consumption.

Equipped for convenience, designed for comfort, but crafted as art.

Wherever you choose to go, the Audi e-tron leads you to the right way.

The Audi e-tron is a unique story of innovation and purpose. In the hope that the car can maximize its audience reach, the German manufacturer chose a popular SUV format to meet with consumer preferences. Meant to showcase the brand’s vision in automotive technologies of the future, the car’s appearance is unquestionably sleek and the user experience is second-to-none.

Treat Yourself On The Road

It features no less than three high-definition screens: one for info-tainment, one in the cluster, and one for climate control. Mobile connectivity suites include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as an available phone convenience area equipped with a Qi wireless charger and a signal booster that uses roof-mounted antennas. Seating options are upgradeable to Audi’s premium Valcona leather with massage chair function. Not only are the fit and finish high on quality, but also are the ergonomics which are focused on comfort and convenience.

Roomier than average for an all-electric vehicle considering the battery’s location, the e-tron is generous in headspace as well as trunk space. The rear hatch can accommodate anything from tall boxes to golf bags. Also with the seats folded down, a full bicycle can fit without removing the front wheel. Not to mention is the under-floor storage due to the absence of a spare tire (Audi opted for a tire repair canister kit instead).

Looking Good Wherever It Goes

German carmakers are known for beautiful aesthetics. As seen in the Mercedes GLB or the BMW X6, they seek to establish a dominating presence wherever they go. Not to be outdone by its rivals, Audi’s signature lines adorn every angle of the e-tron in similar fashion. Tastes are subjective but the well-sculpted headlamps, the detailed inserts in the door panels, and the modern take on the classic wide-mouthed Audi front grille, all serves as a reminder that this family-friendly urban SUV is ready for a new decade in the Soarin’ 20s.

Drive Confidently

Those who have experienced a ride in an EV are aware of the accelerating power found in electric powertrains. On Standard driving mode, the Audi e-tron delivers 355 hp to all four wheels with 414 lb-ft torque. What’s more notable is the exciting Sport mode that tunes the power to 402 hp and a blistering 490 lb-ft torque, but that comes at the obvious expense of reduced driving range. In addition, the adaptive air suspension with five selectable damper modes ensures a complete and refined driving experience. Under normal driving conditions, the 95 kw battery will provide a driving distance of 329 km on a full charge (as per Natural Resources Canada ratings). The vehicle is also available with not one but two CCS charging ports, located on either side above the front wheel well. This means that owners no longer need to park the car in specific positions to adjust for the location of the charging station. 

Enter A New Automotive Era

The Audi e-tron is definitely a technological game-changer. It packs a level of luxury, technology, and convenience that assuages any concerns for comfort, battery life, and storage space. And in true Audi fashion, this fully electric crossover is a sophisticated and polished product without pretense or excess.

Orders are being accepted at the time of writing, with limited inventory available.

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