The Porsche Taycan introduces a new chapter in automotive innovation. Without skipping a beat, it harkens back to the original vision of Ferdinand Porsche and injects a good dose of electrified soul.

A New Benchmark For Sustainable Energy

For better or for worse, history always seems to repeat itself. Thankfully for Porsche, it is a completely new chapter of history so grand that it was simultaneously launched on three continents to represent the three pillars of sustainable energy: wind, water, and solar. The Porsche Taycan is as much a technological marvel as a work of art. A marriage of innovation and exquisite craftsmanship, the brand’s first all-electric sports car is a true stepping stone for the automotive industry to follow.

Porsche Taycan exterior. Source: Porsche Newsroom
Porsche Taycan exterior. Source: Porsche Newsroom

Eco-Driven Technology

A peek inside reveals an array of dazzling displays that serves as the instrument cluster and info-tainment system. Completely redesigned for the Taycan, the user interface is completed by an intuitive voice command system that responds to “Hey Porsche”. The car also features Porsche’s first entirely leather-free interior, opting for materials from recycled sources to highlight its commitment to a clean environment.

Industry-First Innovations

To achieve an impressive 2.4 seconds 0-100 kph acceleration, the all-wheel drive Porsche Taycan is equipped with two synchronous permanently excited motors located in the front and rear axles. This means that permanent magnets are installed to enhance performance, efficiency and longevity. Powered by an industry-first 800-volt drive system, it delivers mind-blowing performance, incredibly fast charging times, and reduces overall weight significantly.

Porsche Taycan charging. Source: Porsche Newsroom
Porsche Taycan charging. Source: Porsche Newsroom

The Porsche DNA Redefined

True to its roots, the silhouette of the Taycan is unmistakably Porsche DNA. The sloped rear lends to a distinct coupé-style side profile, while the front fascia retains the marque’s signature low-hanging grille. The quad-beam daytime lamps on each side give the car an imposing stance, while the single red band in the back enhances its dramatic presence at night, illuminating in a sweeping motion.

A New Era Has Begun

As social consciousness becomes more and more a reality, car makers have pushed the envelope of technology to make electrical vehicles more efficient and most importantly, more enviable. While the SUV format, such as the Audi e-tron and the Tesla Model Y, is gaining popularity, the luxury sports car segment still remains underserved. The arrival of the Porsche Taycan might just be the catalyst to a new movement.

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