Emirates, renowned for its luxury and innovation in air travel, has taken its amenity kits to a new level of opulence with the introduction of an exclusive collection of Bulgari travel essentials for fall and winter. Passengers in first and business class are in for a treat, as these swanky dopp kits feature an array of skincare products and fragrances that exude elegance and refinement. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting collaboration that promises an unparalleled travel experience.

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Emirates' Luxurious Bulgari Travel Essentials Collection

Emirates has once again elevated the in-flight experience by partnering with the esteemed Italian brand Bulgari to create a series of lavish amenity kits. These kits, designed exclusively for first and business-class passengers on select routes and long-haul flights, combine cutting-edge skincare products with Bulgari’s signature fragrances, ensuring that travelers are pampered from takeoff to landing.

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A First-Class Affair: Personalized Luxury at Its Finest

Emirates’ first-class passengers can indulge in a choice of four exquisite amenity bags. Two options showcase black leather with lilac accents, while the other two feature high-quality black fabric with tan vegan leather accents. Each bag is a treasure trove of personalized luxury, containing an array of meticulously curated items to cater to travelers’ needs and preferences.

The black and lilac kits house a specially crafted engraved gold Bulgari mirror, reflecting the airline’s commitment to elegance. A bottle of Bulgari Le Gemme Desiria eau de parfum, adorned with floral notes, graces the kit, accompanied by a matching face and body emulsion. These fragrances are presented in custom-designed bottles exclusively for Emirates. The kit also includes essential items such as a dental kit, cleansing towel, deodorant, tissues, and a fold-away hairbrush for impeccable grooming.

Alternatively, the black and tan kits feature the earthy Bulgari Le Gemme Gyan eau de parfum, complemented by a matching shave balm and body emulsion. This kit also boasts a Gillette razor, shaving foam, and fundamental grooming essentials.

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Unveiling Business Class Luxury: Bulgari's Touch of Elegance

Business class passengers are not left behind in the lap of luxury. Emirates’ business class amenity kits are available in either a chic pouch or a classic toiletry bag. The pouches, crafted from vegan leather, showcase a mesmerizing metallic silver shade with lilac accents. Inside, travelers will discover the invigorating Bulgari Omnia Amethyste eau de toilette, capturing the essence of bright citrus notes. The kit includes a matching Omnia Amethyste face and body emulsion, a Bulgari lip balm, and other essentials to ensure comfort throughout the journey.

For a slightly more masculine touch, business class travelers can opt for the black fabric kits with tan vegan leather accents. These kits encompass the woody Bulgari Pour Homme eau de toilette, accompanied by shaving products and essential grooming items.

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Indulgence Beyond the Kits

Emirates’ commitment to luxury doesn’t end with the Bulgari amenity kits. First-class passengers are treated to a skincare set from the renowned Swedish brand Byredo, enhancing their private suite experience. Those traveling on the A380s can revel in the shower spa, complete with organic products from Irish brand Voya, providing an invigorating and rejuvenating experience at 30,000 feet.

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Emirates’ collaboration with Bulgari marks a new era of travel indulgence, combining opulent skincare products with exquisite fragrances to create an unparalleled in-flight experience. First and business-class passengers can now luxuriate in personalized luxury through these meticulously designed amenity kits. From the engraved gold mirrors to the exclusive eau de parfums and hydrating emulsions, Emirates has once again redefined air travel with a touch of Italian elegance.

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