Costa Rica, its a travelers escape located in the waistline of the American continent known as Central America. Land that is zigzagged by volcanic mountain ranges, dense rainforests, and veins of rivers that flow within the midst of the Pacific Ocean that bathes the southern/western coastline while the Caribbean Sea bathes the north/northeastern coastline.


Known as Costa Ricans, they are naturally embedded with peace-loving hospitality, that greets, chants, and practices “Pura Vida” meaning “Pure Life” or “Full of Life”. A warm culture of positive radiant energy that runs within the cities, towns, communities and coastal beaches, showcasing vibrant artisanal crafts, cuisine and traditional practices that embraces you with genuine Costa Rican spirit enriching connection.
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Extravagant Nature

For those seeking to disconnect and discover unprecedented adventure and wellness retreats, Costa Rica offers a lush of jungles and isolated landscape along the coast. Endless hiking trails and exploration within their well renowned 29 national parks with many stretching out to exotic and secluded beaches that welcomes remarkable waves, that can only be deemed the finest by passionate surfers. The undisturbed landscape can be exhibited by the most exotics wildlife ever seen such as monkeys, birds, reptiles, and many more, constantly protected, which lead to honoring Costa Rica with the highest UN’s environmental Champions of the Earth award for 2019, for its strict and ambitious climate-change policies.
Costa Rica

The Ecosystems and Sustainability

Due to a privileged geographical location and biological conditions, Costa Rica shelters a great variety of terrestrial and maritime ecosystems. Recognized as the global leader in sustainability, 93% of its electricity is provided by renewable recourses, through mindful preservation of nature and the environment that is driven by its society, economy and environment, setting the goal to become carbon-neutral by 2050. Hotels in Costa Rica have commenced shifting into sustainable programs and energy, contributing to Its massive tourism industry that educates tourists and travel trade responsibilities towards its sustainable practices. Costa Rica represents purity in every aspect it offers through its culture, environment, and traditions that allow you to indulge in memorable experiences of breath taken adventures and genuine connections that aligns you physically, mentally and spiritually, and having you screaming “Pura Vida”
Costa Rica
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