Who is Blinkco?

We are a collective of creative minds who dares to defy the norms of trendsetting. We don’t follow a set of rules, we make new ones. Our experiences are organic, our spontaneity is real. Our mission is defined in one sentence:

To seek out and document adventures that elevate the life of everyone.

Our story

Blinkco started as an automotive agency in 2017 to serve luxury car enthusiasts with a personalized shopping approach. Amid growing demands for an expanded portfolio of services, we ventured into other interests and evolved into a platform to promote luxury brands and upscale experiences. As our business network solidified, so did our platform.

In the summer of 2019, blinkcomag.com was born.

The objective is to redefine how we live and how we can influence the lives of others in meaningful ways.

Our team philosophy

Blinkco does not conform with the traditional definition of content creation. We named our contributors Taste Curators because that’s really what they do. Each individual is given full creative freedom to excel at their area of expertise, displaying their unique talents driven by their own interests and preferences.


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We need you

Taste Curators

We are not just a media platform.

Our success is largely dependent on the quality of our content. This is why Blinkco is always on the lookout for talented individuals who have the ability to tell stories, trigger emotions, and create relatable, engaging, and upscale content through writing, photography, and videography. We are a brand that seeks to elevate our audience’s tastes by introducing new sensations and experiences.

Please visit our Careers page for current job opportunities.


Your brand’s value is essential to establish the market in which you wish to do business with. Our Sponsored Content program allows you to elevate the status of your brand by introducing it to an upscale audience. Our featured brands include:

  • Mercedes-Benz Rive-Sud – Greenfield Park, Canada
  • La Belle et la Boeuf – Montreal, Canada
  • Race For Water – Lausanne, France
  • Century 21 Groupe Kafena – Montreal, Canada
    • PY1 – Montreal, Canada
    • AWAKE Concept – Clichy, France
    • MYST Boutique Hotel – Santorini, Greece

      For further consideration on our Sponsored Content program, please contact our Marketing Director at: info@blinkco.ca