If you’ve never been to Vancouver Island then you’re missing out… on a lot. Referred to by its residents as “Canada’s best kept secret”, Vancouver Island is quite possibly one of the most beautiful, laid back and temperate parts of the country. Home to majestic national parks, stunning coastal towns and BC’s capital, Victoria, there’s no reason not to plan on exploring this gem when you’re thinking of your next vacation destination.
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So why Tofino?

Tofino, a small town on the Island’s west coast, has a special place in my heart. When I lived in BC, I used to go there just for the incredible hiking trails, storm watch during the winter and just to generally decompress and relax. And the next time I go, I’ll definitely be staying at the Hotel Zed, a brand-new addition to Tofino, offering its guests an incredibly unique experience. Oozing 70’s swank with its splashes of burnt orange, avocado green and eggplant purple, its very clear that the hotel’s designers put a ton of effort into maximizing the distinctiveness of the experience.
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Expect the unexpected..

“It was really important to me when envisioning this property that we honour the surroundings and community, while still staying true to our brand of being ridiculously fun,” says Mandy Farmer, CEO and president of Hotel Zed. And it definitely shows. The hotel even has such fun additions as a retro arcades room, a light-up mini disco replete with a mirrored disco-ball and LED lit floors that interact with your dance moves, and a “psychic’s den”, complete with a crystal ball and a drop-in tarot card reader! So if the location wasn’t incredible enough, the Hotel Zed makes it that much more special!
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Rooms can be had with a king, queen, or double occupant twin beds and include a funky retro rotary phone, rain shower and magnificent views of the surrounding rain forest. Tofino is also known for being a surfer’s paradise, so if that’s your thing, you can definitely add a little pep to your next surf vacation by staying in this marvelous little gem of a hotel!
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