With the unveiling of the RZ, its first-ever fully electric SUV, Lexus has not merely crafted a vehicle – it has designed a groundbreaking experience on wheels. The RZ represents an advancement in premium design, exhilarating driving dynamics, and pioneering technology, all while promoting a carbon-neutral future. The RZ SUV embodies the Lexus Driving Signature, electrified.

Guided by the principle of ‘Seamless E-Motion’, Lexus has expertly combined dynamic torque and seamless acceleration, resulting in a vehicle that delivers an unparalleled driving experience. Even without the need for a traditional spindle grill due to the absence of a combustion engine, the RZ’s athletic proportions, aerodynamic efficiency, and unique personality shine through its new Lexus spindle body architecture. The minimalist aesthetic continues inside, with a spacious and luxurious interior designed to connect you to your drive like never before.

Exceptional Exteriors, Outstanding Performance

The RZ’s exterior design is not just about aesthetics but also enhances driving performance. Rear flares evoke the powerful traction produced by the rear motor, and the sleek new front bumper design features headlamps highlighting the bold L-signature. The vehicle’s character line creates an arrow-like profile, and the flowing roofline minimizes drag, reduces noise, and provides stability at high speeds.

The Lexus RZ SUV offers an exceptional driving range of 354 km‡ with zero emissions, thanks to its meticulous engineering and the dedicated BEV platform (e-TNGA). This dedicated platform significantly evolves performance, providing a joyful and responsive drive, with a lightweight and highly rigid body and a battery positioned under the floor for optimized weight distribution.

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The Lexus RZ SUV: A Masterpiece of Innovation and Sustainability

The RZ’s available Ultrasuede seat material, made from 30% bio-based materials, epitomizes the vehicle’s focus on sustainability without compromising on luxury. This material offers warm refinement and a supple texture, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Technology That Puts You in Control

The RZ’s interior craftsmanship, combined with Lexus’s human-centered philosophy, offers unparalleled control to the driver. The front cockpit’s spacious design positions the instruments and controls within easy reach, ensuring an enhanced feeling of control.

The all-new high-output electronic axle (e-Axle) integrates the motor, transaxle, and inverter within a compact unit. This ingenious design not only benefits the vehicle’s cruise range but also significantly improves the spaciousness of the interior and cargo space.

Lexus Laval

Experience the Best of Montreal’s Culinary Scene with Lexus Laval and Gema Pizza

Now that you have an understanding of the incredible innovation that is the Lexus RZ SUV, imagine this: driving to the heart of Montreal’s Little Italy in this remarkable vehicle, arriving at the acclaimed Gema Pizzeria. The anticipation of the meal to come, combined with the comfortable, luxurious drive, creates an extraordinary experience that engages all your senses.

Taste the Authenticity of Gema Pizzas

At Gema Pizzeria, you will encounter a dining experience that will make you fall in love with pizza all over again. Each pizza is crafted from the finest local produce sourced from the Jean Talon Market, showcasing Gema’s dedication to fresh ingredients and inventive flavor combinations.

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A Unique Journey with Lexus Laval and Gema Pizza

The unparalleled luxury of the Lexus RZ SUV from Lexus Laval, combined with the gastronomic delights of Gema Pizzeria, creates an extraordinary experience that will stay with you long after the journey ends. Together, Lexus Laval and Gema Pizza offer a perfect blend of innovation, comfort, and delectable cuisine.

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