The first generation of the Lexus LS model, the Japanese manufacturer’s flagship full-size sedan, made its debut in 1989 as the company’s launch vehicle and made quite an impact in the luxury car market in North America. Toyota had sat out to create a luxury automobile brand which would easily compete with the best that Germany has to offer and they certainly did succeed. The LS received rave reviews thanks to its Impeccable fit and finish, a velvety smooth engine, bold design and class leading reliability.
Fast forward three decades and the LS is still Lexus’ flagship model, now in its fifth generation. The LS still embodies all of those important Lexus traits reliability a second to none interior fit and finish that nobody else can match and they stunning exterior and interior design.

Power through innovation

The LS500 has the first ever twin turbocharged engine from Lexus, a 3.5L V6 generating a healthy 416bhp. Mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission with several different modes adapted to the desired driving style. Also available is the LS500h with an output of 354bhp coming from its V6 plus the electric motor. Whichever model you go for, the LS comes standard with all-wheel drive.

Design done the Lexus way

The exterior of the LS can be mistaken for nothing but a Lexus, especially if you are already familiar with their other models. The trademark large front grille, mix of sharp, angled lines and smooth curves comes together in a way that only Lexus knows how, while the interior design is plush and unique. Add to that Lexus’ well known class leading quality and you’ve got a winning combination. Those who like the Lexus design language, myself included really love the presence and the uniqueness of the LS.

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