Lunaz Classics Comeback

As automotive manufacturers aim their lens at launching sustainable electric vehicles, their vision can only be inspired by modern futuristic frame design, loaded with technological gimmicks. A mission that is adapted by many similar attributes of the 21st-century car makers, making it far more competitive to establish a common similar product.  

This is why Lunaz sought the opportunity to be the vanguard of progress by restoring the rarest, most luxurious, and desirable classic cars of all time, fitted with an all-electric powertrain. The perfect combination of vintage flair in a modern production for the few that acquire a particular taste in luxury and exclusivity.

Rolls Royce Phantom V1
Rolls Royce Phantom V


Founded in 2018, in Silverstone England, their full mission is to bring back to life the most recognized classics, embraced by full sustainable energy, that is composed of a pool of talents from the likes of Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, and Ferrari. With such a short period of time since Lunaz’s presence on the market, demand has soared forcing them to double the amount of staff, of meticulous and ingenious craftsmanship of designers, and engineers, to deliver to the market an opulence collection of restored classic vehicles.  

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud


The Rolls Royce Phantom V and the Silver Cloud is the latest release, adding to the Lunaz portfolio that includes the Bentley S2 Flying Spur and Jaguar XK120. The electrified vehicles can all be customized to one’s individual needs and want, including the limited editions such as the Rolls Royce, in which only 30 will go into production. With the implementation of cutting edge technology and engineering, classic cars can only become a relevant proposition for the future.  

Jaguar XK120
Jaguar XK120


The electric engines are built under the expertise and direction of Jon Hilton former Renault Formula 1 Technical Director. In the likes of the Rolls Royce Phantom V the power is produced by a 120 kWh battery pack – the largest in the world, with a sufficient 250-300 miles range similar to all other models. To ensure perfection in detail, each classic car is 3D scanned, weighed, and restored before any technical process begins, allowing for client customization requests before assembling.  


The interior is not to be neglected, as cosmetics apply character, allowing you to time-warp to the past and indulge through actual feel and experience of meticulous details. Modern convenience is integrated to meet expectations such as satellite telecommunications, navigation, wifi connection, and audiovisual infotainment system. Seat fabric and material color tone are deemed essential to remain identical to preserve the classic origins of each model. 


Lunaz Power Gage

Lunaz has definitely found a formula to preserving the historic rare classics by embracing the future, with a single essential factor of sustainability. Whether for everyday use or the collectors’ enthusiast, these cars might be worth the starting price tag of $ 428,000 and up, regardless the price of purchase it is deemed to inflate in value over time no less gradually than an original, making it increasingly irresistible to be a proud owner of a classic and maintaining the heritage for years ahead.