The all-new Maserati Grecale 2023 was launched in Montreal with a prestigious night event held at Maserati Montreal, owned by Group Holland. The event showcased the luxury SUV’s style and power, accompanied by deep house and lounge music that created a chic and sophisticated ambiance, setting the tone for the evening’s festivities.


A Night of Culinary Delights with Renowned Chef Antonio Park

Guests at the event were treated to a night of culinary delights, courtesy of renowned chef Antonio Park. Park is known for his restaurant, which has been a part of the Montreal gastronomic scene since 2014. He has transformed traditional Japanese and Korean cuisine by interweaving South American spirit and North American essence into every dish.

At the Maserati Grecale 2023 launch event, Park served up a selection of mouth-watering “bouchés” that showcased his culinary expertise. The guests were thrilled with the unique blend of flavors and textures that Park’s dishes offered, adding a touch of culinary sophistication to the event.


The Maserati Grecale 2023: Style and Power Combined

The Maserati Grecale 2023 was the star of the event, and it did not disappoint. The luxury SUV boasts a sleek and elegant design that is both modern and timeless. The Grecale is equipped with a powerful engine that provides an exhilarating driving experience, making it the perfect combination of style and power.

Guests at the launch event had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Grecale, admiring its luxurious interior and cutting-edge features. The SUV is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that provides a seamless and intuitive driving experience, making it a standout in its class.

Overall, the launch of the Maserati Grecale 2023 in Montreal was a night to remember. With its stylish design, powerful engine, and state-of-the-art technology, the Grecale is sure to make waves in the luxury SUV market. And with culinary delights from renowned chef Antonio Park, the launch event was a feast for the senses.

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