To put it simply Mercedes-Benz have done it again with the release of an absolutely stunning new model which no doubt will have its competitors going back to the drawing board. The new EQS SUV ads yet another option is to the world of luxury electric automobiles, a segment which is getting more and more crowded as every day passes, customers yet more choices and variety in the segment.
The SUV-specific all-electric architecture, which was adapted from the EQS Sedan, liberated the designers from the constraints imposed by conventional combustion design. Instead, the emphasis was on functionality, aerodynamics, and cutting-edge aesthetics. One of the most aerodynamic SUVs the business has ever moulded is the end product. In direct contrast to the majority of its rivals, the EQS has lovely lines, and since there is no combustion engine, there are fewer panel joints and seamless transitions between the panels.
Even more striking than its exterior is the EQS SUV’s interior. The Mercedes-Benz team did a fantastic job fusing a conventional layout with an inventive and futuristic execution, in contrast to some rivals that provide uncomfortable or sparse interior designs. The result is that passengers in the front seats see the incredible MBUX Hyperscreen. The dashboard’s primary instrument cluster, the main infotainment screen, and a passenger display are all covered by a 56-inch-long curved glass surface. A broad, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, together with door and centre console controls, provide additional user interfaces.
The electric powertrain results in a level floor for second-row passengers as well as plenty of head, shoulder, and legroom. The motorised seats have fore-and-aft and reclining functions. If the middle seat is not needed, the armrest can be folded down for more comfort and storage. To improve air circulation throughout the interior, there are AC vents on the pillars and the back of the centre console (3-zone climate control is standard, with up to 5-zone climate control available). Third row seating is also available as an option.
A 335-hp electric motor drives the rear wheels of the EQS450+. All-wheel drive is provided by the EQS580’s front and rear mounted electric motors, which together provide 536 horsepower and 633 pound-feet of torque. The rear-axle steering system and adjustable air suspension that come standard on the EQS SUV give it startling agility. In contrast to the sedan, the SUV has an Off-Road drive mode that elevates the suspension and modifies the performance of the motor.

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