According to the Milano Coffee website, this iconic establishment began in 1984 when founder Francesco Curatolo brought to Vancouver three generations of coffee roasting expertise from Italy. His passion and know-how for his craft were then transmitted to current owner Brian Turko who, after 15 years of arduous mentorship to Curatolo, refined and revolutionized the art of blending and working the beans, achieving what is called today the “Milano taste”. This signature aroma quickly became the gold standard of today’s West Coast coffee culture.
Making the perfect blend or serving the perfect shot are not the only important aspects of Milano Coffee. The organization is heavily invested in a number of local causes such as the BC Cancer Society, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, and operating church-run coffee programs that support underserved communities. It also takes pride in its commitment to global sustainability, sourcing only from small farm estates or fair trade acquisitions.

Our Favorites

Conca d’Oro

This is their most versatile blend, popular in many different types of brew methods such as French press, pourover, and espresso. Nutty yet smooth with notes of chocolate and vanilla, it is a great introduction to the world of West Coast coffee.


Part of their master’s reserve collection and Gold Medal recipient at the International Coffee Tasting Awards in 2014, this ultra-premium blend combines 10 single-origin coffees. The result is an explosion of complex caramels and torched vanilla, complemented by a velvety-smooth texture.
Milano Butter scaled

Espresso Pudding

Spicy and rich, this rare blend of 9-10 single-origin coffees is a grand concerto of flavors that hits all the right spots. With creamy roundness and satisfying umami, it impressed the judges at the 2020 International Coffee Tasting Awards, earning a Gold Medal.
Milano Pudding scaled

Coffee Subscriptions

Milano Coffee lovers can subscribe to a monthly or biweekly shipment of three packs of freshly roasted coffee. Customers can choose roasting styles or for the more adventurous, the master’s reserve collection that encompasses only their rarest and finest blends.
intro to subscription
Milano Coffee can be enjoyed at seven locations across British Columbia, and one more in Calgary, Alberta. However, their online store can ship across Canada and the United States.
Milano Coffee scaled
Not much more can be said about this long-time Vancouver favorite. Well-loved by all those who come through their doors, Milano Coffee is truly blessed with West Coast heart, Italian soul.
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