On November 22, lululemon will introduce MIRROR to Canada. The highly touted home gym system is poised to dominate the market. Offering a stylish and unintrusive solution to work out without sacrificing space, it needs no additional equipment such as handlebars or a stationary bike.
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What is MIRROR?

The MIRROR is a freestanding or wall-mountable semi-reflective screen that links to any smart device to deliver effective, personalized workout classes that are either live or on-demand. Highly experienced trainers guide and motivate users on a wide variety of workouts that lasts from as little as five minutes and up to 60 minutes long. With over 50 different types of workouts such as pilates, yoga, dance fitness, boxing, and more, anyone can achieve their fitness goals.
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Tailored Home Fitness

Convenient and interactive, the MIRROR seamlessly integrates into any schedule and lifestyle. Workout programs are tailored specifically to each user. Through advanced camera imagery and the help of optional accessories such as a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, certified trainers can then help users make live adjustments on the fly.
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Pushing Forward

Going the extra mile has never been easier. MIRROR users can compete with friends and other class participants, fueling a healthy competitive spirit. Progress can then be tracked via a detailed performance dashboard.

It’s Not There, Even When It Is

When turned off, the MIRROR blends into its surrounding as a full-length mirror, making it an ideal addition to small living spaces. When switched on, it transforms any room into a professional-grade fitness gym, making it easy to break a sweat.

First Class Workout Anytime

First launched at only a handful of testbed locations in the United States back in November 2020, lululemon saw they had something special in their hands. As a result, MIRROR will debut in 40 Canadian stores this year, in addition to shipping nationwide through online ordering.
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The future of fitness is now. Who knew getting fit could become so simple?
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