When I opened my eyes, I wondered… what brought me here? The salt air of the Aegean Sea floated into my room as I started to regain my senses. It is 6 a.m. and the sun was already shooting fierce morning rays through my window.

I gradually recalled the night before.

It was already past 10 p.m. when my plane landed at Santorini airport. A man dressed to the nines greeted me in the nearly vacant terminal. He said his name is Igor and as my personal concierge, he will be in charge of my stay at MYST.

We arrived late. My bags were quickly looked after by the porter while Igor guided me to AVRA, their in-house eatery. I was greeted by the Executive Chef himself, who had prepared a specially made meal for me based on preferences I had told my booking agent. From the grilled octopus to a stack of deep-fried zucchinis, nothing was amiss.

Now I remember. My gin-loving ways must’ve knocked back a few Pink Kick cocktails too much.

I came here with a business purpose. My eyes darted to the desk where papers were loosely shuffled across its surface. I tried to put together something last minute right before bedtime. As I gathered my thoughts, a gentle knock came from the door. Igor remembered my schedule of the day and brought me fresh fruits with pastries, yogurt with honey, a pot of coffee, and even prepared a car for me to take to Fira, where I will be meeting my client.

After the meeting, as I drove back to MYST in the early afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice the lush green gardens that surrounded the property. Igor intercepted me in the lobby and asked me what I wanted to eat tonight. I was in a celebratory mood, and had a craving for lobster. Unbelievably, Igor tells me he’ll try to make it happen.

I was stretched out in one of the loungers by the pool to take in some Mediterranean sun when she looked at me. A woman with a rare allure, her inviting smile and sun-kissed radiance made my heart skip a beat. She agreed to meet me at AVRA tonight. I left the pool area for a much needed soak in my private in-suite hot tub to clear my mind.

We started our dinner at AVRA with a salad made from the produce picked from the property’s own garden. The Chef explained his lobster preparation for the night and suggested a wine pairing that would rival some of the top establishments of the world. But all this time, I could barely focus, because the most beautiful sunset in the world was happening right before my own eyes, only made more unforgettable because it was reflected off hers.

We admired the warm glow of the sky while the sun disappeared under the horizon. We talked about our hopes and dreams. We whispered sweet nothings in each other’s ears. The whole night passed without a second of sleep as we were already making plans to meet again.

The flight out of Greece was at 10 a.m. the next day.

With my bags neatly packed and set next to a waiting Igor next to his car, I bade her well wishes and sat in the backseat. As I arrived at the airport, Igor thanked me for my stay with a small bouquet of lavenders picked from MYST’s own fields.

My stay in Santorini is short, but great memories were created.

I knew my heart will remain here forever.

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Set on a gentle slope just outside the bustling town of Oia, the MYST Boutique Hotel is a cozy luxury retreat for couples and business travelers alike. With three different accommodation types to choose from, no expenses are spared to guarantee an outstanding experience for its guests. All rooms are furnished with Guy Laroche bed linens and bath towels, toiletries by Molton Brown, and a King-sized Serta pillow top mattress. All suites have a sea view, while the Delight Suite adds two verandas facing West and East to enjoy both the majestic sunrise with an in-room Nespresso, and the famous magenta-hued sunset in a private hot tub. With minimalist white and blue tones enriched with intricate patterns subtly weaved into the furniture and decorations all around the property, the MYST design team pays homage to traditional Cycladic architecture infused with modern elements making the property a work of art in itself.

The MYST Boutique Hotel is also equipped with a large pool lined with sun loungers and served by a bar preparing organic juices, signature cocktails, and a large selection of alcoholic beverages. A highly knowledgeable personal concierge attends to your every need, from planning local experiences and tours, to ensuring availability of services at your own convenience.

Attached to the property is AVRA Estiatorio, preparing authentic Greek flavors in a sublime setting by an award-winning chef. Family-owned, the restaurant’s kitchen is run by Executive Chef George Skopelitis, who had previously worked at Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck in Bray, UK and competed in Hell’s Kitchen Greece 2018. The focus is to present traditional Greek cuisine made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients while supporting the local economy and community. Much of the produce used is even farmed on its own lands surrounding the sprawling estate.

To begin your discovery of beautiful Santorini at the MYST Boutique Hotel, book here. Or if you’re already in Oia and wish to awaken your gastronomical senses with Executive Chef George Skopelitis, book here or call +30 2286 071660.

Have a great trip!

MYST Boutique Hotel
Website: mystboutiquehotel.com
Facebook: mystboutiquehotel
Instagram: santorinimyst

AVRA Estiatorio
Website: avrasantorini.com
Facebook: avrasantorini
Instagram: avrasantorini

Photo sources: MYST Boutique Hotel, AVRA Estiatorio, Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash, iso topon on Unsplash.

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