No other vehicle under the Mercedes-Benz lineup has received so much fanfare in recent years such as the brand-new redesigned G-Class. Built on an original chassis dating back from 1990, the platform was in dire needs of a complete makeover and the 2019 model year is already proving its dominance among the super-premium SUVs. From an exterior appearance, it seemingly shows little change but beneath its boxy, masculine lines are a plethora of sweeping evolutionary upgrades that make this a completely new car.

The model presented in this feature an AMG G63, accented by an Exclusive Interior Package in Red/Black Nappa leather with diamond stitching. The AMG marque is sure to impress its driver as much as turn gawking heads on the street with its hyper-aggressive growl from the four polished chrome sidepipes, two on each side not-so-subtly placed in front of its rear wheels. Powered by a twin-turbo handcrafted V8 engine, the G63 delivers 577 hp of motoring bliss capable of reaching 100 km/h in a blistering 4.5 seconds. It also features a completely redesigned racing-inspired double wishbone suspension at the front to hug every corner at high speeds without taking any ruggedness away from its off-roading roots. Intelligent and highly innovative, the AMG Dynamic Select system is perfectly tuned to suit any driving style, in any road conditions. To finish off the massive behemoth, the interior is adorned with the finest leather and woodgrain trims. The total package reinforces its position, not only as the beast that can conquer the harsh conditions of military use, but as also the opulence that has made Mercedes-Benz into the status symbol revered by many today.

The crew of BLINKCO TV had the opportunity to visit Mercedes-Benz Rive-Sud, a member of AutoCanada Inc. (TSX: ACQ), to showcase the handsomely powerful AMG G63. From its beautiful facilities on the main drag of Greenfield Park, Quebec, just 15 minutes away from downtown Montreal, nothing is left for compromise as the pursuit of excellence of the German automaker is completely translated onto the showroom floor of the dealership. The smell of fresh pastries and espresso permeates the lounge area, providing an inviting and relaxing environment for its distinguished guests. One can even work out while waiting for their car being serviced in a fully equipped gym. In short, Mercedes-Benz Rive-Sud does everything right, ensuring that every moment spent in their care is made as comfortable as possible.

Every AMG G63 order is custom built, and can take up to two years before delivery. BLINKCO TV is extremely grateful to Mercedes-Benz Rive-Sud for the exclusive opportunity to test drive the vehicle at its facilities.

To book your own personalized experience with a dedicated consultant at this highly rated dealership, visit their website or call (450) 672-2720.

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