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If there’s one thing that the pandemic has caused, apart from the additional quarantine pounds adorning most of our midsections, it has been an increasing anticipation of post pandemic life along with everything that comes with it. Dreams of going back to a time where we didn’t have to worry about waiting in line to enter our favorite store, being able to head out and finally see friends and family members outside of our social bubble, and of course one of my favorite lifetime passions, travelling.

If travelling is something that you’re passionate about, then the past 14 months must have seemed like a time of suffering and pain. Looking for a chance to kick back and relax in a foreign location must seem like a dream right now. Whether or not we’ll have to carry a vaccine passport seems so far like a very real possibility, yet one that depends on the destination you choose. The following are five of my favorites, off the beaten track choices which aren’t too likely to be overrun by tourists once the option of travel returns, bearing in mind that millions around the world will be jumping on the opportunity to travel as soon as they can.


One of central Europe’s best kept secrets, Slovenia is known for its beautiful cities and pristine nature. It’s capital Ljubljana has an abundance of stunning architecture, be it beautiful renaissance palaces or its tidy shopping district. Lake Bled, a glacial lake fed by hot springs has a small Islet with a beautiful church atop it built in the baroque style. If skiing is more your cup of tea, visiting Slovenia in the winter time would be a great idea since it has many world class ski resorts, being at the eastern end of the Alps. Slovenia would definitely be an original destination to visit if you’re looking to avoid the large crowds of tourists that you’re bound to run into in some of Europe’s more popular destinations.


This little gem of a country in the levant area of the middle east is known for how safe and tourist friendly it is, yet boasts enough sights of interest that you’ll rarely ever run into large groups of visitors. Whether you love archaeology and history or want to check out the southern desert in which many movies have been filmed, due to its otherworldly, red terrain and craggy, towering peaks, Jordan is a must see. The northern areas of the country are home to well preserved Roman ruins which are so plentiful that some of them don’t even warrant a sign! Petra, a city built by the ancient Nabataens in the southern part of the country, is entirely carved out of stone. Amman, the capital of Jordan, has a temperate year-round climate, thanks to the fact that it is about 800-1,200 meters above sea level. It’s littered with luxury hotels, from the Ritz Carlton, to the Four Seasons and so many more. This option is definitely a must see if vibrant cities, stunning scenery and adventure are your cup of tea.
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Located in the North Atlantic, quite conveniently half-way between Europe and North America always ranks right at the top in terms of quality of life. Iceland is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Shaped by volcanoes, some of which are still active, the country has a landscape and scenery unlike nowhere else on Earth. Beaches with black sand, friendly little fishing towns, and a vibrant nightlife in the capital Reykjavik are a few of the pleasures that await you. Icelandic people are known for their warmth, openness and friendliness. Visiting Iceland whether with someone or as a solo travel experience would be an amazing experience for anyone!


Once large of a vast European empire, Austria today still reflects much of the richness and beauty of it’s past. It’s capital Vienna is a beacon of civilization and captivating imperial architecture. Lined with grandiose palaces, majestic cathedrals and quaint shopping districts, its no wonder that some of the best classical music composers from Mozart to Vivaldi chose to call this city their home. Largely mountainous, the countryside is dotted with pristine lakes and world class ski resorts. Transportation in Austria is incredibly simple thanks to the amazing rail network, but you can always choose to rent a vehicle in order to get around the smallish country. Whether you’re planning a special ski trip, want to go glamping, or are a classical music lover, be sure to give this central European country a close look when planning your next vacation.
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Vancouver Island, Canada

Canada’s best kept secret, Vancouver Island is located off the southwest coast of BC. A mere 15 minute flight from Vancouver airport, or a two hour ferry ride, Vancouver Island is a must see for anyone who loves picturesque scenery, magnificent vistas and nature. Victoria, the capital of BC is on the southern tip of the Island. A beautiful, picturesque city with a lot of history. From the oldest Chinatown in Canada located in downtown Victoria, to whale-watching expeditions that you can easily hop onto in the Victoria marina. Further up-island, you’ll find beautiful coatal cities like Nanaimo, Parksville and Courtney, each with its own charm and stunning ocean vistas, while the west coast of the Island is home to Tofino, which is probably Canada’s only surf town, known for its mega-waves, epic storm-watching winter season, and multiple hiking trails. Vancouver Island is definitely a gem to be discovered!
vancouver island
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