Dubbed the “ultimate racetrack driving experience”, McLaren revealed the final form of the Senna GTR after presenting it as a concept car at the Geneva International Motor Show under much fanfare. This unrestricted version of the road-legal McLaren Senna promises hypercar power and accessible handling with the aerodynamics and chassis of a thoroughbred racer. Calling it the fastest “McLaren outside Formula 1”, owners of all abilities can now enjoy uncompromised track driving experience. The automaker also promises virtually unlimited possiblities of customization, from paint colors to unique liveries commissioned by MSO Bespoke to truly reflect each owner’s individuality and personality.

Large 10654 McLarenSennaGTR
The wing of the McLaren Senna GTR has been pushed back outside the car’s footprint to make best use of the air flowing over the rear of the car.

The car is powered by an extreme version of the M840TR twin-turbocharged V8 engine, sending 814 bhp and 590 lb/ft of torque to the rear wheels. Its body, sculpted by McLaren’s masterful usage of carbon fiber, combines a light weight without sacrificing structural rigidity, tipping the scale at only 2,619 lbs (or 1,188 kg).

Only 75 units will be built, and all were promptly sold within weeks of the order book opening. Yet another success story in the famed line of the brand’s Ultimate Series, this time keeping the name that honours the memory of three-times McLaren Formula 1 World Champion, Ayrton Senna. For more information, please visit www.mclaren.com.

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