Introducing the Ripple Maker II Pro

Step into the future of beverage innovation with the Ripple Maker II Pro, a game-changing tool for the Food & Beverage industry that redefines the term “Customized Beverages”. Equipped with automatic sensors that recognize cup size and placement, and a dual pod holder that enables two-color and spectrum color prints, the Ripple Maker II Pro is designed to delight your customers and elevate efficiency.

As compact as it is powerful, the Ripple Maker measures 220mm in width, 439mm in height, and 327mm in length, with a weight of 23.2lbs. Its sleek design makes it a perfect fit for your workspace, while its innovative features allow for streamlined operation, particularly during peak hours.

Customized Beverages

Enhancing Flavor and Visual Appeal with Ripples Pods

Let’s talk about the secret behind the Ripple Maker’s stunning prints – the Ripples Pods. These plant-based pods contain patented natural extracts, including coffee, malt, carrot, and the uniquely vibrant GLOW and chameleon variants. The colors of the prints change based on the alkalinity of the drink served, resulting in a breathtaking spectrum from indigo to fuchsia. The best part? The pods are gluten-free, non-GMO, and 100% vegan.

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Unleashing Creativity with Ripples’ Extensive Content Library

When it comes to creating captivating, customized beverages, Ripples offers endless ideas and creative freedom. With access to thousands of royalty-free designs in our extensive content library, you can search for content by #tags, manage your designs, and even create branded frames. Plus, you can upload and download content directly to and from your Ripple Maker or the cloud.

Whether you want to beautify cocktails, produce spectrum-color prints, or experiment with two-color prints and macarons, the possibilities are limitless with Ripples.

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Keeping Up with Enterprise Management and WebApp

Ripples offers a bev-top media system that goes beyond the traditional drink-printing machine. The Enterprise Management feature enables users to manage their machine fleet and track various metrics such as usage, locations, permissions, workflows, and notifications.

Moreover, Ripples’ customizable WebApp builder provides an opportunity to engage customers by turning their selfies into drink art, and inviting them to create User-Generated Content (UGC). This approach not only enhances customer engagement but also boosts brand recognition, making your drinks the talk of the town.

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Igniting Passion and Creativity with Ripples

At the heart of Ripples lies a set of values that drive its continued success – passion, people-first approach, innovation, and fun. Ripples aspires to transform an ordinary drink into a unique canvas, enabling businesses to create personal interactions with their customers – one cup at a time.



Serge Butman, President of Express Kafeh in FL, USA, vouches for the power of Ripples: “Ripples has been such an amazing partner and our post-covid recovery is in part due to their support – beyond just tech support. The team has gone above and beyond with our post-sales account management, even answering frantic 6 am phone calls. Ripples’ mission is clearly to ensure our continued success. Thank you in each and every language.”

With Ripples, the realm of customized beverages is set to change. It’s your chance to ride the wave and make a mark in your industry, one cup at a time.

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