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The S3XY lineup. Source: Tesla Media Kit
The S3XY lineup. Source: Tesla Media Kit

Tesla is currently the most valuable car company in the world. The brand’s market capitalization has seen its stock price soar for the skies. Since its launch in 2008, it has forced a diversification in automotive technology and kept every interested party on its toes. In just a decade, it has taken the lead as the most technologically advanced automotive company. As a response, traditional car manufacturers have also pitched in their bid at an electric car. However, they are no match for Tesla, which remains the sector leader.

What Makes Tesla Stand Out?

Tesla is giving traditional auto manufacturers a run for the money. While Tesla has approached the game in a technologically savvy way, competitors have found it challenging to exploit the new technology. The future will be highly dependent on technological developments in all sectors, and automobiles are not left out. Some of the features that make Tesla better than the rest are:

  • High-powered battery technology;
  • Bolder risk taker;
  • Usage of proprietary software to improve battery efficiency;
  • Prioritization of aerodynamics over luxury features;
  • Usage of high-quality materials in manufacturing;
  • High durability of major automotive parts such as the battery.

Software-based development is the inevitable future. That’s why companies such as Apple and Google are leading in their market sectors. Automakers are trying to adapt software models to keep up with the trend and remain in the market.

Tesla’s Best Features

Purchasing Made Easy

Tesla Walnut Creek Retail Store. Source: Tesla Media Kit
Tesla Walnut Creek Retail Store. Source: Tesla Media Kit

Tesla is not big on splashing around advertisements to attract customers. Their top-tier models speak for themselves. They create valuable content and experiences tailored to the consumer’s needs. The customer is in full control of the purchase process.

It is as easy as it is convenient to shop online. All the customer has to do is select a model, color, best features for their needs, and they’re good to go. Additionally, you can place a deposit and schedule a pickup. Test drive requests and customer support can also be easily accommodated online.

Highly Optimized Software

Tesla cars have sophisticated software whose functionality can be improved every two weeks. The models feature sleek designs to match its impressive hardware. In addition, highly optimized software reduces long-term costs and minimizes maintenance. Therefore, owners avoid many scheduled services, oil changes, and tune-up costs.

Beautiful Design That Values Function Over Form

Tesla Model Y. Credit: Tesla Press Kit
Tesla Model Y. Credit: Tesla Press Kit

Most of the automakers have failed in making attractive designs for their electric vehicle (EV) models. On the other hand, Tesla actively produces jaw-droppingly gorgeous designs at every turn. In the words of CEO Elon Musk, Tesla is out to revolutionize the automotive sector.

Tesla models are simple and minimalist yet classy and elegant. There are no annoying and space-occupying knobs, switches, or buttons. A single touchscreen provides a simple functional and convenient interface to input commands with just a tap.

Tesla has announced plans to soon launch a self-driving feature that will be phenomenal. They are all about technologies that make the driving experience better.

Uncompromised Performance On All Levels

All Tesla models are built with function and high-performance in mind. From their SUV to their sedan, there is a model that suits every need. In addition, the Model 3 has the highest safety award in the electric vehicles category. To enhance road handling, every Tesla has their batteries beneath the floor. This is to lower its center of gravity, thus increasing cornering stability and agility.

Model S lower platform
Tesla Model S lower platform. Source: Tesla Media Kit

Amenities Unique to Tesla Cars

Model X Parked City
Tesla Model X. Source: Tesla Media Kit

Self-Managing Clean Ambient Air

Every Tesla car features automatic climate control. However temperature, direction, speed, and airflow can also be manually regulated on the touchscreen. Cabin air is filtered through a HEPA filter and pressurized to ensure comfort and safety. Also, the climate system can adapt to ambient temperature changes while the car is turned off.

Netflix and YouTube

While it isn’t advisable to watch movies while driving, passengers can stay entertained via embedded Netflix and Youtube, in addition to gaming services. Music can also be streamed for those long drives.

Groundbreaking Auto-Pilot Feature

Auto-pilot is a groundbreaking feature of Tesla cars. It is a driver’s assistance system that allows the car to see ahead and intuitively predict driving scenarios. Evidently, it features adaptive cruise control and lane guidance. Legally, it does not take control of the car. It regularly reminds you to keep your hands on the steering at all times. If you ignore the warnings, the vehicle will slow down, put on the hazard lights, and stop.

The Pursuit of Technological Innovation

Tesla Model S Red Sunset
Tesla Model S. Source: Tesla Media Kit

Tesla’s reach into the automotive market is only a beginning for CEO Elon Musk. His visionary leadership is fueled by a desire to innovate in every aspect of technology including transportation, space exploration, power grid enhancements, and bioscience. Under his guidance, Tesla grew in excess of 375% in 2020, prompting a stock split of 1-to-5 on August 31 of that year. With a made-in-China Model Y poised to launch in the Chinese market and the upcoming release of the Cybertruck, future growth is definitely assured.

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