Hastens is an iconic Swedish bedding manufacturer known for their luxury, craftsmanship, and longevity. Their name has resonated with royalty as well as celebrities alike; offering unparalleled comfort and rejuvenation through sleep sanctuary beds that often fetch over half-million dollars! In this article we dive deeper into Hastens history as we discover their materials used in creating dreamlike havens; exploring why so much money can go toward these extravagant mattresses; as well as uncover the value behind such extravagant prices tags.

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Royal Origins and Celebrity Endorsements

Hastens’ rich legacy dates back to 1852 with Pehr Adolf Janson establishing it in Sweden. Now under fifth-generation executive chairman Jan Ryde’s guidance, Hastens beds have evolved into artful forms of sleep experience that have attracted royalty and celebrities alike – as evidenced by King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden making Hastens an official supplier to his monarchy in 1952, cementing Hastens as an unsurpassed provider. George Clooney, Courtney Cox, Rihanna and Ben Affleck all use Hastens furniture making their bedrooms into havens of unparalleled luxury!

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Manufacturing Dreams

Entering Hastens’ manufacturing facility in Koping, Sweden, is like entering an oasis. Instead of the typically noisy manufacturing centers, Hastens’ facility vibrates with an orchestra of sewing machines and quiet hands at work; here, “handmade” wears its badge proudly; nearly every step in their manufacturing process involves human involvement.

Horsehair layers are hand-applied onto cotton and wool fabrics before stitching fabric parts together with precision knitting needles; every detail of bed production is handled by human hands, including creating its distinctive Hastens blue check pattern that not only defines their brand identity but also serves to ensure precise stitching intervals. While mechanical aids may occasionally assist, most tasks still involve hand-eye coordination that puts human stamp on each bed produced.

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Materials That Define Luxury

Hastens’ appeal lies in their use of natural materials over synthetic alternatives, preferring organic cotton over polyester batting for maximum quality, durability and breathability. Horsehair has long been one of the brand’s go-to ingredients due to its antibacterial and moisture regulating abilities; thus contributing towards Hastens beds unparalleled comfort levels that reduce discomfort caused by constant tossing and turning during sleep.

Hastens’ bed features horsehair combined with recycled steel springs to promote ventilation for optimal restful sleeping comfort and ensure restful nights’ rest. Furthermore, Hastens uses sturdy pine from northern Sweden as part of the bed frame in maintaining both integrity and breathability of their mattresses.

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The Grand Vividus: An Acknowledging of Craftsmanship

Hastens’ Grand Vividus bed stands as the pinnacle of sleep luxury. Crafted by interior designer Ferris Rafauli in collaboration, its creation took 600 hours and required eight skilled artisans assemble it. With exquisite details such as its Nubuck or suede cowhide plinth and embossed plaid patterns along with golden brass studs that combine aesthetics and functionality perfectly, even pine pegs were thoughtfully included to enhance performance while decreasing noise pollution.

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Investments Worth Considering

Hastens beds may seem expensive at first glance, yet their value cannot be understated. More than just furniture pieces, Hastens provides a holistic sleep experience designed to improve physical, emotional and cognitive well-being through meticulous craftsmanship, natural materials selection and dedication to comfort that transform these beds from mere furnishings into investments for better health and quality of life. Their commitment has earned Hastens an international customer base across over fifty countries!

Hastens beds go beyond luxury items; they are true sanctuaries for sleep that were meticulously hand-crafted over generations by expert hands and artisans. Hastens stands out among ordinary offerings with its deep history, commitment to high-grade materials and commitment to perfecting sleep experiences through its beds – for those searching for transcendent sleep experiences, Hastens beds offer an unmatched journey into dreamland.
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