Mercedes-Benz has always been a pioneer in the world of luxury automobiles, renowned for its iconic designs and cutting-edge technology. Its latest concept, Design No.5, promises to redefine the perception of luxury in the automotive industry. This revolutionary concept is the epitome of Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to “Creating Iconic Luxury” and serves as a testament to the brand’s rich history and its vision for the future​1​.

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An Emblem of the 21st Century: The Vision One-Eleven

Design No.5 is embodied in the Vision One-Eleven, a sports car that brings together a dynamic design language and innovative all-electric powertrain technology. The vehicle’s design is characterized by the signature Mercedes-Benz One-Bow design, making it a marker of its 21st century style. This new design philosophy draws from the brand’s history, incorporating elements that have become synonymous with Mercedes-Benz, like the three-pointed star, gullwing doors, and the cab-forward design. The Vision One-Eleven reinterprets these iconic elements, promising to carry them forward into the future​1​.

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The Pinnacle of Exclusivity

Mercedes-Benz has always been committed to offering exceptional customization options and unique experiences to its customers. Design No.5 exemplifies this commitment, featuring one-offs from collaborations, limited collector’s and special editions, pioneering show cars and research and concept vehicles. These elements elevate the Design No.5 to the pinnacle of exclusivity for Mercedes-Benz​1​.

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IDCCarlsbad: Setting Trends with New Design Ideas

The Mercedes-Benz Design Centers, particularly the International Design Center in Carlsbad, play a pivotal role in the continuous evolution of the brand’s design philosophy. These centers are where new design ideas are born, inspired by local stylistic trends and creatively implemented in vehicle studies and mobility concepts for the future. The Californian lifestyle and proximity to Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America greatly influence the designs that emerge from these centers, providing fresh perspectives and injecting creativity into the Mercedes-Benz brand​1​.

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The Vision One-Eleven: A Reinterpretation of a Brand Icon

The Vision One-Eleven, a core element of Design No.5, is a progressive reinterpretation of the C 111, a Mercedes-Benz icon from the 1970s. It combines stunning design with the most innovative drive technology, specifically axial flux motors from YASA. These motors offer unmatched power density and are extremely lightweight, further enhancing the vehicle’s performance​1​.

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Exclusive Collection: The "Limited Edition 1 of 111"

Alongside the Vision One-Eleven, Mercedes-Benz is launching the “Limited Edition 1 of 111” collection, marking the first time that a design study has been accompanied by a lifestyle collection. This collection includes five exclusive pieces that reflect the striking color of the concept sports car and its characteristic design elements​1​.

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Augmented Reality: The Future of User Experience

Design No.5 also showcases the brand’s foray into augmented reality (AR). The Mercedes-Benz design team used AR to create a visionary user experience for the Vision One-Eleven. This innovative approach integrates the physical vehicle interior with a digital interface, transforming virtually the entire car into a user interface​1​.

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The Mercedes-Maybach Night Series: A New Chapter

With the Night Series, Mercedes-Maybach presents the next chapter in its mission to further develop its curated portfolio. This design package is the most progressive yet from the tradition-steeped brand, taking Maybach design to a new level. Unexpected and exquisite in its design, the Night Series defies convention and appeals to new target groups, thus ensuring the continuous evolution of Mercedes-Benz design​1​.

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The Magic of Design No.5

Design No.5 marks a new chapter in the history of Mercedes-Benz, embodying the brand’s commitment to creating truly novel, beautiful, and timeless designs. This concept is not just about redefining luxury in the automotive industry—it’s about creating icons with the magical ‘x-factor’ that can stand the test of time. As Mercedes-Benz continues to push the boundaries of design and technology with Design No.5, the world can look forward to more iconic luxury from this legendary brand​1​.

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