Electrified driving is now on the minds of most automakers as gas prices soar in the midst of a collective push to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. For engineers at Nagoya, the anticipation was palpable for years but for a brand as conservative as Lexus, it was expected that they would not release a product unless they are sure is perfect in every sense.
True to its reputation, the RZ 450e is a natural evolution of the Lexus lineup. The approach is named “Tazuna” – or reins of a horse – that aims to create a direct, emotional connection between human and machine. The goal is to deliver an uncompromising, undistracted driving experience that is both exhilarating and sustainable.

One architecture, two applications

Based on the e-TNGA architecture, the RZ 450e shares many similarities with its close sibling, the Toyota bZ4X. But is it simply a dressed-up version of the same car?
Lexus RZ 450e ext starry night
LEXUS Media Room
Refinement is key in making sure the Lexus rendition stands out. Compared to its Toyota counterpart, the RZ 450e features noteworthy performance-oriented enhancements, as well as a higher-grade interior finish and overall soundproofing.
At the heart of the RZ 450e is a dual-motor setup with the front unit delivering 150 kW while the rear pushes 80 kW. The battery packs an impressive 71.4 kWh capacity for a total estimated autonomy range of around 460 km.
The powertrain works in unison with Lexus’ unique DIRECT4 technology managing front and rear force distribution to maximize acceleration, driving dynamics, and power consumption. In tandem with a smartly tuned regenerative braking system, the resulting ride feel is unmistakably the Lexus Driving Signature taken to the next level.

“Omotenashi” throughout

Lexus RZ 450e int cockpit
LEXUS Media Room
Inside the cabin, Ultrasuede seats and door ornaments, as well as wood grain appliqué, are used throughout the space, expressing a kind of omotenashi – the inviting and hospitable environment – that only Lexus can offer. The cockpit is driver-focused, aligning all control elements to keep down hindrances and improve ergonomics. Behind the wheel is a fully digital cluster that is both minimalistic and expansive.
From the outside, clean flowing lines and a reimagined emblematic front spindle grille confirm the upscale status of the RZ 450e. Sitting on large multi-spoke alloy wheels that are surrounded by aggressively sculpted fenders, the electrified sports-ute dominates its surroundings with gracefulness and confidence.

Winning the popularity contest

Despite explosive demand, ordering one is a surprisingly simple process: find your local Lexus dealership, register for a pre-order with a small deposit, and wait for your turn. While many stores do exist, it is important to select one that has the highest allocation to ensure that your vehicle arrives the soonest as possible.
Lexus RZ 450e int roof
LEXUS Media Room
As part of Canada’s largest automotive group, Lexus Laval takes advantage of its vast influence in the industry to ensure that each guest is treated with absolute care and respect, embodying the core values of the Dilawri Group.
By pushing boundaries in ways that rivals do not expect, the Lexus RZ 450e seeks to redefine a crowded segment the same way the RX did over two decades ago. Armed with the right tools to electrify and amaze the world once again, the road ahead for the revered Japanese automaker seems brighter than never before.

This article is a paid promotion by Lexus Laval of the Dilawri Group. For more information about the automotive dealership, please visit their website at www.lexuslaval.ca.