The Orer Group: Pioneering Excellence Across Sectors in Florida's Business Landscape

In the heart of Florida’s vibrant business scene stands an entity renowned for its diverse enterprises and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction – The Orer Group. Helmed by the ambitious Yigit Orer, this versatile conglomerate has been trailblazing in industries such as automobile, travel, and real estate.

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The Launch Pad - Yigit Orer and The Orer Group's Beginnings

From his early days as an honors graduate from Istanbul University to his decade-long career in the hospitality sector, Yigit Orer’s journey has always been one marked by ambition and vision. He honed his business acumen at Detour, one of Turkey’s premier European tour and travel agencies. The experience, knowledge, and relationships he built there would later form the bedrock of The Orer Group.

The American Dream called next, and Orer responded by establishing Imaginetour, a successful travel agency leveraging his substantial European connections. His entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there; Orer later ventured into the automobile industry, starting Imagine Cars in Orlando, Florida, in 1999.

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Wider Perspectives: The Orer Group Enters Real Estate

Backed by successful stints in the travel and auto sectors, Yigit Orer spotted a golden opportunity in the real estate market. He founded Orer Realty, an entity under The Orer Group that catered to a demand from clients in Europe and Turkey eager to invest in US properties.

Orer Realty, built on the strength of Orer’s extensive network in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Turkey, is in the business of buying, selling, and renting residential houses, condos, and commercial properties. Orer’s “WHY NOT!” philosophy underscores a dedication to personalized service and customer satisfaction.

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Trusting Your Real Estate Journey to Yigit Orer – REALTOR®

The sale of your home is a significant financial decision, and choosing the right brokerage can transform a stressful process into a comfortable, informed experience. The agent and office representing you will be the biggest factors in this transition.

As a homeowner, it’s crucial to understand exactly what your agent and office offer, not only to you but also to potential buyers of your home. Trusting this journey to Yigit Orer – REALTOR®, is a choice you’ll be glad to make.

Contact Yigit Orer today for a personalized real estate service that puts you in control. His commitment to providing a seamless experience, both for homeowners and potential buyers, sets him apart in the industry. Email him at or call him at (407) 948 5347.

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The Orer Group: The Epitome of Diverse Business Mastery

The story of Yigit Orer and The Orer Group embodies the power of relentless ambition, business versatility, and sharp market insight. From Imaginetour and Imagine Cars to Orer Realty, The Orer Group’s journey is a testament to the company’s ability to excel across sectors.

Orer’s tenacity and continued drive for growth offer a roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs in Florida and beyond. With the mission statement “WHY NOT!”, The Orer Group and its dynamic leader, Yigit Orer, are poised to continue innovating and redefining excellence in the business world.