Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro & Air

Faster, Brighter, Smarter and sleeker!

It’s remarkable just how quickly technology and computers in particular continue to evolve in faster, smarter and more efficient machines at a break-neck pace. Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a microchip double every two years, or in other words, that we can expect the speed and capabilities of our computers to increase ever few years while paying less for them.
This definitely holds true for Apple, one of my favorite tech brands, which is set to launch an updated MacBook Pro in the next few months. While there are some small cosmetic changes, they are mostly evolutionary, and I’ll cover that below. The big news here however is that Apple will be using its own M1X microprocessor, an evolution of the M1 chip being used in the current MacBook models, phasing out Intel chips from its notebook line altogether. Lets take a look at some of the changes which we believe will be seen in the upcoming notebook lineup.

So how’s it better?

The M1X, which may also possibly be named the M2 has a whipping 10-cores that feature 2 energy-efficient cores and 8 high performance ones. In addition, it supports up to 64GB of RAM, a significant increase over the 16GB which the current M1 chip supports.

Will it still have two display options?

Rumored changes are also coming to the display sizes offered. The current 13.3-inch display will be replaced by a 14 inch, while the larger model gets an upgraded, brighter and crisper 16-inch display. Pixel density has been increased allowing for an even sharper display. Overall size will most probably remain the same, or very close to the current model with a thinner bezel around the screen.

What else is changing?

Other changes include the touch-bar being removed and replaced with physical keys while the USB-C charging port will be reverted back to the MagSafe charging cable, albeit a redesigned one, with its smart, quick release magnetic connection and additional USB and USB-C ports and an SD card reader.
Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming MacBook models on BlinkcoMag where we’ll be posting an updated article on the new Macbook lineup as soon as Apple releases the official figures and characteristics, expected to happen sometime between now and November.