Arch Motorcycle x Keanu Reeves: The Upsurge of a Legacy

A friendship that began in 2007 through the customization of a Harley-Davidson has led to the bespoke Arch Motorcycle Company, in Hawthorne California, Co-founded by Keanu Reeves, yes the actor, and Gard Hollinger a former motocross racer and renowned custom bike builder. Their passion for motorcycles was so grand to the intent of making Arch Motorcycles their legacy once they depart this life. Arch is all about producing a premium motorcycle that is personally customized through an obsession of design and innovation that allows for the soul to roar.


Every Arch motorcycle consists of unique customization of intense aesthetics and ergonomics details that are tailored by ingenious craftsmanship, showcasing the finest metal artistry. The assembling process would take up to 90 days from point of purchase, due to the rarity and well-balanced performance ride and detailed personalized fitting of each customer. The majority components of each bike are fabricated at Arch’s Hawthorne facility, their bikes currently consist of 3 models, the KRGT-1 is their first production bike, a powered performance cruiser and most recognized amongst bike enthusiasts, 1s the soon to be released in mid-2021, knots the combination of cruiser and sport riding, and the full sport rarest of all Method 143 limited to only 23 units production concept, is deemed signature through unorthodox design and performance.

KRGT-1 Bosch White
Made in California

Each bike is made of a little more than 200 components, hand-built, fabricated within the facility in Los Angele, using the latest cutting-edge technology producing bespoke parts. With a few limited partnerships of the top manufacturers for their other selected premium elements such as Ohlins suspension, gold-standard S&S V-Twin engines screaming 2032cc, Bosch, and Michelin, its essential collaborations to ensure an exceptional product that provides a superior experience that can not be easily duplicated.

Arch 1s motorcycle

Arch highlights the importance of its partnership with Acat International who develops and custom designs catalytic converters or referred to as “cats” which allows lowering the number of exhaust gases that exceed

Arch Method 143 motorcycle
Method 143

requirements by environmental boards around the world, making Arch Motorcycles environmentally friendly, considering to be an essential element mainly in today’s need to lower emission.

As for safety, Arch has commenced using the misconception two-wheel ABS braking system for their KRGT model, as many felt it detracts from the feeling and experience of  riding a motorcycle, which they believe otherwise on what ABS breaks can do limiting the tire form-locking and keeping the bike upright and balanced. Arch would vow the new braking system will not dilute the overall experience of riding their motorcycle.

What makes Arch Motorcycles special 

First and foremost exclusivity is of great importance, especially when an Arch motorcycle starts at a price tag of $85,000 US and can reach up to $250,000 US. Approximately little over 30 units are made each year, with such limited offering and rarity, demand is soaring for the all American custom production performance cruiser. It’s an ownership experience, a one on one connection throughout the process of purchase, and concierge-style of service and support throughout the journey. With such obsession and innovation, Arch Motorcycles are soon to be amongst the industry’s icons.  

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