Old Toronto offers Aman Spa as a tranquil sanctuary, respite from tall buildings and busy crowds alike. Aman Spa’s earthy color palette serves as an escape from urban chaos; comfort practically pervades its beige walls; rustic treatment rooms allow enough privacy for guests to unwind – no surprise since “aman” means peace and tranquility!

Aman Spa

Aman Spa: A Serene Haven Amidst the Bustle of Old Toronto

Aman Spa offers an ideal place for beginners to experience massage. Their compact yet inviting space features products lining its lobby walls that creates an open and light feeling within it; plus their attendants are happy to explain all available treatments, like their 30-minute neck and shoulders tune-up – providing relief after weeks spent working behind a computer screen!

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Thomas Tullo, director of Aman, created it as an oasis for self-care enthusiasts and those new to wellness. It was important for him that clients understood all treatments they were receiving so as to understand both physical and psychological advantages to self care through treatments.
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Unveiling the Essence of Aman Spa: Where Wellness Meets Urban Retreat

Spa Aman is a luxurious wellbeing centre that takes its duties very seriously, offering a selection of treatments – such as its 90-minute facial with rose quartz cooled rub, full body massages (traditional as well as Himalayan Salt Stone Treatment and “Aman Aroma” Massage Therapy), and more!

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Tullo Wellness Centre emphasizes its client-first philosophy throughout. Their treatment rooms feature Lemi Gemya Evo Massage Beds from Italy; designed for ergonomic and temperature optimization, these beds allow therapists to tailor the experience according to each client.
Spa services at this spa include “Get Off Your Feet”, an indulgent 30-minute treatment to relieve ankle, calves and foot tension while relaxing muscle tissue and soothing tension-ridden muscle groups – perfect for pampering cardio enthusiasts after running after streetcars all day!

Tullo believes in full disclosure as the first step of treatment and offers massage enhancement options tailored specifically for each customer’s individual needs. Their spa attendants will gladly explain these services’ benefits as part of an interactive therapeutic journey.

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Crafting an Urban Oasis: The Fusion of Nature, Design, and Self-Care at Aman Spa

Aman Spa’s quality surpasses just its services; its interior will leave you jealous as well. A designer explained to us that Aman would find its home here: the treatment room features chic exposed bricks to add rustic depth. These bricks, along with exterior trim pieces that help preserve history in this historic space.

Tullo studied relaxation techniques and aesthetics around the globe before founding Aman Spa. Aman Spa provides an expansive menu of wellness treatments complemented by its nature-inspired decor; Tullo found inspiration from desert travels when designing its palette; “I remembered feeling peaceful while walking on soft sand dunes”, said Tullo.

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Modern neutral colors were selected as the backdrop to minimalist furniture in order to contrast with its classical elements, creating a spa-like space characterized by earthy materials like wood and stone – while the lobby picture window invites natural lighting in to make these beautiful materials shimmer and glow.

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