Paris is indisputably the cradle of world fashion. It is also home to the Musée du Louvre which houses some of the world’s most priceless artworks. Already at their second collaboration, Japanese casual wear brand UNIQLO teams up with the famous museum to release a collection of basic sweatshirts and tees featuring some of their most prestigious pieces.
English art director Peter Saville was tapped in to create meaningful statements. As a result, the UNIQLO UT Fall/Winter 2021 collection showcases some of the museum’s most prominent masterpieces from a uniquely different angle. Taking inspiration from each work’s internal inventory number, he then adds floral arrangements or interpretations drawn from the life of their original artists.

What is UNIQLO?

The UNIQLO name has long been associated with casual, accessible, everyday wear. The brand’s historic resilience to market volatility is largely due to its large-scale investment into comfortable, high-quality materials. Most pieces are basic and minimalistic, created for mixing and matching. As a result, its customer base comes from all walks of life.

The Secret Is In The Fabric

The recipe for success at UNIQLO is undoubtedly due to the materials of its clothing. For example, many of their high-performance wear is made of AIRism, a breathable cooling fiber that wicks away humidity when the going gets tough. Conversely, winter wear often features their heat-retaining HEATTECH material that absorbs and amplifies body temperatures even in frigid conditions.

Fruitful Collabs

UNIQLO is also known for its penchant for artistically significant collaborations. Much like the collection presented here, the UNIQLO UT division is an expressive haven of graphic tees, hoodies, and sweaters. In addition, the brand also crosses over with many high-end designers such as Jil Sander and JW Anderson.

Into The Future

Wildly popular in Asia, UNIQLO is currently pursuing an ambitious expansion into North America. Starting from its original Menlo Park, NJ store in September 2005, it now counts 47 locations in the United States. It is also joined by 14 Canadian stores, the latest one in the CF Carrefour Laval mall in the province of Quebec.
UNIQLO is wholly-owned by parent company Fast Retailing, based in Yamaguchi, Japan. The retail holding corporation also owns New York-based label Theory, and Austrian fashion house Helmut Lang.
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