All electric.. Zero regrets..

I’ve found myself wondering if the world of two-wheeled thrills will soon catch up to automobiles in terms of going electric. While many would argue that there haven’t been many innovators in the motorcycle universe ready to go the way of the likes of Tesla, Audi and Porsche, here’s one that’s definitely making a lot of noise.. or more of a hum.. yup, all electric motorcycles from Zero Motorcycles.
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A brave new world..

Gone are the days where electric vehicles were associated with boxy, weird designs. Zero motorcycles are stunning, have performance that equals or betters their gasoline powered counterparts and a wide range of models, from slick street bikes “Dualsport” bikes meant to be used both on, and off-road.
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But are they better?

So apart from the environmental benefits, what are the advantages of owning an electric motorbike, you might be asking. Well, how about low, to no maintenance for starters? That’s right, lack of fluids such as engine oil, clutch, transmission, and other complex parts normally found in gasoline powered vehicles means less maintenance, less leaks and less overheating and other issues related to owning a gasoline powered vehicle. Also, how about instantaneous torque or rapid charging that gives you a full charge in under an hour? That’s right, all of the qualms that used to be associated with going electric have pretty much been erased. What you get now is a clean, sleek, motorbike that’s both environmentally friendly, user friendly and exhilarating to drive. So whether your looking to carve up the lanes in a speed bike like the SR/S or take it easy on their café-racer styled SR/F, be sure to give Zero Motorcycles a look if you’re thinking of going motorcycle shopping soon.
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Tell me more..

Zero motorcycles’ strategy as explained by the company is to provide its users with a balance of performance, range, weight and affordability in each and every one of its models. Founded in California in the mid-2000’s, they are the only electric motorcycle manufacturer to date that has brought an entire product line to market. What’s more, they are already available around the world with a large network of dealers and services centers everywhere from Canada to the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates to France. Check them out online at and join the electric revolution!

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